A Breeze of Good Deeds # 2: So what if they sting?

I heard this story when I was in college. And I have never forgotten it ever since.

A man noticed a Hindu on the river side. He curiously looked at what the Hindu was doing and was so amazed at what he saw. The man saw the Hindu saving a drowning scorpion.

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The man marveled at how the Hindu kept on saving the scorpion despite the fact that the scorpion kept on stinging him. Thinking that the Hindu was masochistic and crazy, he approached and asked, “Why do you keep on saving the scorpion when it keeps on stinging you in return?” Well, the man has a point right? I mean, who on earth with a sane mind would do such a stupid thing? The Hindu calmly replied, “It is my nature to love. It is the scorpion’s nature to sting. Why would I change my nature to love only because it is the scorpion’s nature to sting?”

And now you know why I forgot algebra and calculus but the story stayed on my mind. I firmly believe that the Hindu’s principle makes sense no matter how crazy it sounds. And how can we apply this? I am not saying you go find a scorpion to sting you. We live in a wicked world where politicians are naturally corrupt and people have always an excuse for doing bad things. But why should I? Everybody cheats but that does not make a righteous man sway out of his principles. If you know someone working undertime, do not envy. Because every second is a gift from God, and every second you live that gift with integrity is your gift to God. When everybody is shouting, be not afraid to whisper, for God can hear even the things you don’t speak. Go against the flow! Don’t ever change who you are and what you believe simply because it is the safest and most practical thing to do.

Never ever give up the goodness in your heart…

Never ever stop that heart to beat for love…

even if everybody stings.


  1. Thanks for sharing this je! I sooooo love it! :D

  2. i love this post je! i wich i can be like the man ... ALWAYS!

  3. Thanks too Kriska visiting my blog! Hehe! :)

    Thanks Vannie! Yeah, it's hard to be good, but it's worth a try ;)


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