A Breeze of Good Deeds # 1

I am suffering from a terrible headache as of this writing. My head hurts as if all my brain cells are all trying to break free. But I’ll try my best to make the remaining normal cells to work with me.

I have been writing a lot of things lately, most of which are about the two things close to my heart: food and seeing the world. But now, I am making a turn.

I have been keeping a lot of negative feelings these past few days. And in one way or another, I have seen some people who have been infected by the same negative energies I have been spreading. So by doing this simple entry, I will try to spread as much positivity as I can.

I know I don’t have a big follower. In fact I only have 4 regular readers: Kriska, Joie, Kuya Gener and Boyet. And there are the semi-regulars like Vannie, Tang, Mike and Jeff. So all in all, there are more or less ten earthlings who choose to trail this humble blog site of mine. I am writing this so I can somehow put a smile on these people’s faces.

A few people have told me that one of the best I have ever written was THE NIGHT THAT CHANGED MY LIFE. Thus by starting this, I will try to change the lives of other people even in the simplest possible way. I am also doing this for myself. As I feel a little unappreciated, I want to give myself an assurance that I am not a useless human being contrary to how other people treat me. From now on, I will try to write the good things I did to other people. This is not to brag but to give the “negative Je” a clearer perspective on who she really is. And in that way, people who also feel unappreciated will be inspired to do the same. I will also try to write about the good things I see other people are doing so we will be all encouraged to do well. A simple “pay it forward” deed goes a long way.

I have never bumped into another Mang Manuel lately. I am so blessed to be given an opportunity to be in the right place where he was that night. I don’t know what happened to him. But each time I remember, I still wish that his kids are well now.

I have my shares of “bad girl” moments. I am not perfect. I can be impatient, immature, irrational and selfish at times. But I know I am a good person. What have I done good lately?

1. Yesterday, I said “Thank You” to a stranger who held the door for me.

2. I said “Good Morning po!” with a smile when our security guard greeted me.

3. I had merienda with a friend without any thoughts of how much I got hurt with the last confrontation I had with him. He told me that he wished things would be the same again. It was hard at first. But yesterday, I never really tried to be the same as we were before the “fight”. I didn’t try. Because real friends forgive and forget.

4. I listened to a new-found friend who poured all his heart out to me. This wasn’t easy as he was speaking of how hard it is to let go and move on after a lost, a lost that even I cannot bear. All this time, I have been whining at how miserable my life has become, when in fact, there are more people out there who have more reasons to curse life. But still, they choose to LIVE.

5. Lastly, I am starting the "A Breeze of Good Deeds" series so I can (hopefully) inspire other people.

These deeds might be small. But it’s better to do one small random act of kindness than none at all. Please feel free to leave a comment and share the good deeds (no matter how small) you have done. Let us all strive to be better. Let the breeze be felt by everybody. :)


  1. so inspiring.. :) i really enjoy reading your blog (pati na din blog ni kriska). more.. :)

  2. Thanks Joie! Send in your good deeds. I know you have a lot 'cause you're a good girl. Hehe! :)


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