Baguio Trip: Getting There

OMG! I can’t believe that it’s been a week since my last entry. I have been out of town for only four days and I feel that I don’t know how to use the computer. A lot of things happened during my vacation in Baguio. I’ll try my best to document everything without me getting bored of writing. (and without you getting bored of reading!)

I set my alarm at 4:30 a.m. Thursday night just in time for our 7 am trip to Baguio the following day. But Boyet got too excited and called me at 3:48 to wake me up. We arrived at the Victory Liner terminal in Pasay at 6:15! It was too early considering that Erlie already bought a ticket (Php 445/pax) the day before. We then met Erlie, Jeff and Joie there. The bus was on time and left at exactly 7:03. My dad told me not to sleep so I could have a glimpse of the scenic view of Baguio. So I tried to sleep earlier on the trip. I think we had two stops, one at Tarlac and the other at Pangasinan.

Jeff, Erlie, me and Boyet at one of the stops (Joie taking the picture)

We arrived at the Victory Liner terminal in Baguio past 1 p.m. We got a taxi to get us to our hotel. We booked Ina Mansion last December because all the hotels have been fully booked. It was a blessing in disguise that we didn’t get the more famous hotels in Session Road because it was too crowded and too noisy because of the great number of tourists who flocked for the Panagbenga Festival. The Ina Mansion is located at the Kisad Road, just at the back of the Burnham Park. It is approximately a 5 to 10-minute walk to the Session Road (well, depending on how fast you walk).

We just rented the condo unit at the 4th floor for Php2,000 a day. It is cute because it looked like we rented a two-floor unit. It has two rooms on the second floor, a sala set, cable-tv, dining area, a sink and a comfort room on the first floor. Tourists don’t really need a posh place to stay especially if you just aim to roam around the whole day. It was a bargain considering that we just go to the hotel to rest, take a bath and sleep.

They also have a convenience store, water refilling station, laundry shop and even an internet café.

The dining table (sorry about the mess)


  1. The best!.. Pero parang dme pa kulang baby.. Kwento mo ung mga misfortunes natin patin na rin ung mga away natin sa baguio.. hehe..

  2. excited ka naman e. getting there pa lang nga ako hehe :)

  3. haha.. antay ko ung mga susunod na part ng blog entry mo na to.. :) more more .. out of town trip =P

  4. Is that you Joie? Nag-comment ka for the first time! Yeah, san kaya next natin! Beach naman! ;p


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