Baguio Trip: Almost End of Day 2

Day 2 didn’t stop at Camp John Hay. Joie, Jeff and Erlie wanted to try out horseback riding at the Wright Park. But we made a terrible mistake of going up the stairs of the park as soon as we got there. We all counted how many steps the stairs have but our counts didn’t tally. We got up there but we were too tired to go down and try horseback riding. So we asked Kuya Roy to pick us up on top after a few minutes.

Kuya Roy then brought us to The Mansion. I was too dumb to expect that we could go inside the presidential palace! The place was too crowded. Well, Baguio was too crowded when we were there. We couldn’t even get a decent shot. :(

After our short stint at The Mansion, we went back to the Wright Park for them to try out horseback riding. Boyet and I just walked around and enjoyed a twin popsicle.

Our next stop was the Baguio Botanical Garden where tourists are welcomed by the “manongs” and “manangs” who are all being paid by Php10 just to pose for a picture.

Si lolo at lola sa left, naghahatian pa ng kita :p

I am quite surprised why it was called a botanical garden. Strolling inside the place, I came into a conclusion that maybe, the flowers were already picked to be used for the flower parade. Another stupid idea from me eh?

Kunwari pa si Jeff o!

We travelled again to go to the Mines View Park. But the heavy traffic was just horrible. Cars have built up and tons of people were starting to walk. When we asked Kuya Roy how far the park was, he said that it is 1-1.5 kilometers away. So we retreated and went to the Pink Sisters instead. We just stayed there for a few minutes to pray and feel the tranquility after hours of excruciating walks and use of stairs! Believe me, I got tired of seeing and using the stairs of Baguio.

My dad advised me not to miss the Mines View Park so went back to see it. The reliable Kuya Roy used some shortcuts to lessen our walking time. What was the first thing that I saw when we got there? Stairs! The place was jam-packed! We couldn’t even get a decent shot because everybody was just too busy taking pictures.

We initially planned to include PMA on day 2 but it was already getting late. So we chose to set it aside along with going back to Mines View on another day.

Gosh! Day 2 is not yet finished! I still have to blog my favorite part of day 2... our dinner at Café by the Ruins. :)

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  1. hahaha! tama ba yung nakikita ko dun sa first pic! :-P


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