Pizza Hut's Fettuccine Alfredo

It was raining today that’s why we didn’t have the luxury to walk around and look for something to eat for lunch. Since it was already past noon, most of the restaurants were already full. We then decided to go to Pizza Hut located at the second floor of the Insular Building which is just beside my office’s building.

Lately, I was into trying out something new when it comes to food. So when I checked out their menu, I suddenly missed my favorite Pizza Hut must-haves. When I was a little younger and my taste buds were still inexperienced, I would always order either Pizza Hut’s lasagna or fettuccine alfredo. I was very hungry so I got the fettuccine alfredo which I believe has a bigger serving.

I finished the pasta and I trailed it with one and a half slice of Pizza Milano. Yummy!

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