May Bukas Pa

It’s been a while since I watched a local telenovela. But ABS-CBN’s “May Bukas Pa” is just too hard to miss. I am not a certified Kapamilya but I am just glad that the network came out with something like this. I am just sick and tired of the heroine versus the villain plot of TV shows. I am just so stressed out of this life that’s why “May Bukas Pa” is a nice way to lift up my low spirits.

The story is about an abandoned child named Santino. He grows up under the care of a group of monks. He can talk to Jesus, “Bro” as the monks fondly call Him. And with this, miracles happen to Santino and the people around him.

The lead child star is so adorable. And he acts well for a newcomer. I find myself teary-eyed each time he starts to cry. I just hope that ABS-CBN can maintain the child-friendly plot.

Zaijan Jaramilla as Santino

“May Bukas Pa” airs on ABS-CBN as the frontrunner of the Primetime Bida.

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