Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do bad things happen to good people? I always marvel in the famous Filipino saying “Ang masamang damo matagal mamatay.” Some say that good men die young. I ask God why young innocent kids suffer from terminal illness, why some wives are being beaten by their husbands, why kind people suffer. I know I am getting a little blasphemous, and I apologize. It was just an emotional week for me and I am feeling so low for quite a while.

I do good things. I am not perfect but I try to be kind. There are times that I get too temperamental. There may be times that I hurt other people unintentionally. But at the end of the day, I kneel down and ask God for forgiveness.

I am proud to say that Boyet and I have the same convictions. We were both brought up well by our parents, instilled with all the values that a human person should have. My parents taught me to be nice even to strangers. I know they were proud of me when I came home late one night because I helped a total stranger. I fulfilled a single wish of a dying man. See story here.

I am not flawless. But I know I am a good person. Boyet is a good person. But with what happened last night, I might be wrong.

I was a taking a shower last night when I heard the phone ring. It was only a few minutes since he left the house. My mom answered the phone and said that it was an emergency. I heard Boyet’s voice with a little tremble. He said that all his money was taken by pickpockets. He was about to go down the jeepney when a man told him that he dropped his wallet. He knew something was wrong. His first instinct was to look at his wallet and was not surprised to see that Php6, 000 were already gone. He couldn’t react because there were six bastards who were apparently working together. Half of that money was for his sick niece. And those delinquent assholes just took it away from him.

I knew he was devastated. Hours before it happened, he was very quiet. When I asked him if something was wrong, he said that he was just thinking of what would make me happy on my birthday. He said that he has a lot of shortcomings as a boyfriend. I told him not to bother because I know that he was skipping “merienda” just to save money. I tried to comfort him. But I couldn’t blame him for feeling that way. It was his hard-earned money.

Now answer me. Why is this happening? I pay my taxes and those politicians just steal from us. You love someone and then somebody else steal him/her from you. Everybody is stealing from somebody. I am trying to put logic behind these things. It might be to test our relationship and how willing are we to go through everything just to get the future that we have been waiting. It might be a wakeup call. Or it might just be another incident of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. And now I still ask. Are we bad? Or bad things just really do happen to good people?

It doesn't matter anyway. Because my only concern right now is to let him feel that the one thing that will make me happy on my birthday is knowing that he is safe with me.


  1. hi there miss JE!

    this is yelo, i got to your blog thru mrs martinez' blog because i googled the word mondo juice.

    after a few minutes, i found myself enjoying your blog posts about cory aquino, about your speech, and even your anniversary with your special someone boyet.

    anyway, regarding your question here i would like to raise a point. since you are asking why do bad things happen to good people, have you ever asked why good things happen to bad people or why do bad things happen to bad people or why good things happen to good people? is it really that logical that if you are good, everything around you should be good? does the world work that way? does the sun shine only to those good people? and what does 'good' mean? who is really 'good'?

    ma'am, pardon me but sometimes i'd like to challenge thoughts/ facts for the sake of reaching the truth. since you got some CSI-backed mentality or something, i thought you might take up the challenge. :D

    good evening!

  2. See http://www.jerelltabenoja.com/2009/11/readers-corner-1-for-yelo.html



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