At last! I finished reading Breaking Dawn, the last book of the Twilight Saga. I started reading on New Year’s Eve and finished yesterday. I was a bit slow because I could only read at night.

Much has been said about Meyer’s works. I have to say that I personally liked Twilight the most. I read it twice before continuing with New Moon, which was a big disappointment for me. When I read it, I wondered why Meyer did not just end the story in Twilight so as to save herself from all the violent reactions of her followers. And then Eclipse came. Hmm. It was fine only because it made me curious as to how the crazy vampire-human-wolf love story would end. But that was just it. So after finishing the three books in just nearly two months, I gave myself a break. While everybody was anticipating the release of the last book, I didn’t. I told myself that the only way to be satisfied with the end of the Edward-Bella-Jacob love story is to lower my expectations. I didn’t buy the book when it came out. I pushed myself with the excuse that the hard bound book is a little pricey and it would not complement with my other soft bound books. So, I waited. And then just after Christmas, I received a package from Hervi containing four books including Breaking Dawn. I read other reviews saying that it was a mess and a big disappointment. Others said that it ruined the Twilight Series. But I have to disagree. Well, it wasn’t the best-written novel I have ever read. But surprisingly, I enjoyed every page of the book. I just have to point out some things.

1. People are criticizing how it dealt with teenage pregnancy. Stop that crap! I enjoyed the book primarily because I am an adult and I think like an adult. I am not saying that it’s ok to get pregnant at 18 because it’s not. My point: this is not the book that I would recommend to my kids. I would have to wait until they have past the stage wherein they decide using their hormones rather than their brains.

2. They find the imprinting of Jacob to Nessie grose. Grrr! It has been explained that the imprinting process does not necessarily mean that it is a romantic love. End of discussion!

3. They cannot accept how Bella was all willing to throw away her human life just to be with a vampire and be a bloodsucker herself. I have two things in mind. First, those who say this have not ever really fallen deeply in love with someone. I am getting all mushy here but it is a known fact. Bella trading her mortality is just like how a woman would choose to be a housewife to take care of her family in exchange of a career that she left behind. Bella’s choice may be a little drastic but it happens. We make tough choices for the one we love. Being a vampire may be an overwhelming analogy, but remember that this is a novel. They are allowed to make exaggerations. And second, those who disagree with Bella might not have met someone as handsome as Edward! That face would definitely make me want to be a vampire myself! Haha! Too bad I fell in the first premise. I got more of the true love rather than the handsome knight in shining armor. :p

Twilight is still my favorite among all the books maybe because everything was still in discovery in the first book. That is why I was sad when Midnight Sun was leaked. I was waiting for this more than Breaking Dawn simply because it was Twilight narrated in Edward’s perspective. But I enjoyed Breaking Dawn even if I have read a lot of bad comments about the book. I found myself smiling after reading the last page. I just needed a short escape from reality once in a while and Meyer has given me this with the Twilight Saga and The Host. A lot were disappointed but others say that Meyer should come up with another one. Nahh! I would like to give it a rest. Because if Meyer decides to write another one, I would put a sign in my forehead saying: WANTED: PERFECT VAMPIRE! :p

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