Twilight (Morning Rush Version)

Hearing that ABS-CBN is definitely not doing the adaptation of Twilight was a big relief for me and all the other Twilight fanatics. I mean, OMG! It is such an insane idea! Just spare Twilight and focus on the many Asianovelas that they can work on. But I would love to watch the Filipino version if they get the inspiration from the ideas of Chico and Gino. I was laughing my lungs out when I heard their crazy idea this morning on the Morning Rush.

Bella Swan will be Bella Bibe. I don’t think bibe is the Tagalog of swan but who cares? It rhymes anyway! Haha!

Edward Cullen will be Eddie Boy Mongo (cullen and mongo are both legumes! ) Haha! Aren’t they genius?

Jacob Black will be Impeng Negro. That set me off to laughter. If you don’t get the punch line, review your high school “Pagbasa”. Haha!

If you want to fully understand why I was going crazy, download today’s Top Ten here. They even thought of a song to go with it! =)) =)) =))


  1. i've been racking my brain with Eddie's last name!!! hahaha... apir fellow rusher!!!

  2. Bursky, it's nice of you to drop by my humble site. hehe! Yeah, it's eddie boy mongo. i was going nuts with the bella bella bella in the tune of umbrella!


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