Tagaytay Trip

It’s been one hell of a month! A lot of things happened (Tagaytay getaway, Navitaire’s Year-end Party, Mike’s last day, food trips and last-minute Christmas shopping) but I didn’t have the time to blog all of them. This blog is officially outdated. Huhu! But as the saying goes, it’s better late than never.

I’ll start with my latest Tagaytay trip. It was my first time to be in Canyon Woods though the group has already been there last year. We left on November 29 so as to take advantage of the long weekend. We arrived at CW a little before lunch time. Since the check-in time is 2 p.m., we just roamed around and took pictures here and there. Below are some of my favorite random shots.

I took this just out of boredom...

This is what you call MAGIC :)

The modern Nativity story (Western version with Santa Claus)

My piece of mind in this crazy world

Let's recycle!!!

Need to say we're inside an elevator??!

Competitive boys playing Twister ^_^

After the Twister game, we watched 1408 on the first night. Now I know who shouts the loudest while watching a horror movie! But I’ll just keep it a secret. :p

The following day, we had a one-hour drive to Nasugbu to have lunch at Canyon Cove. Actually, it was lunch cum early dinner because of the very slow service of the restaurant. But of course, we still have to forge a smile because we need to look good in pictures. Hehehe!

Outings are never complete without the infamous jump shots. Some are funny...

Some are really impressive...

But there are times when inevitably, has a bad ending (and a bad fall)...

On our second night, we bombarded the silent Canyon Woods with our singing voices. We also had a few drinks though someone just got a little too excited…

We woke up early the next morning, went to the clubhouse and stretched our muscles.

Jeff againts someone pretending to know how to play table tennis

Tagaytay trips are not complete without having a meal overlooking Taal Volcano. Our choice was lunch at Josephine’s. It was my second time there and I bet I would still love to come over and over again. More photos at Josephine's below.

I just have one tip for those planning to go to Tagaytay. Never ever fail to drop by Rowena’s. This is my first time to buy “pasalubong” from them but I can guarantee that theirs is so good! I love Rowena’s blueberry tart. So yummy!

Rowena's Buko Tart, Cashew Nuts and Sylvannas :)

I enjoyed my three-day stay so much. It feels nice to eat good food, have a good laugh and just hang out with dear friends. I'm hoping there will be another one next year. Paging Winston Lee! Hehe! :)


  1. Wow Je thanks for mentioning my embarassing experience here. Mike will be thrilled to see his proudest moment... IN MOVING PICTURES! Haha ^_^

  2. Tagaytay and Batangas getaway in one! I know it was one hell of a vacation :) U really enjoyed based on the photos!!! Cheers!!!

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