Naruto's Christmas Party

December 11, the eve of Mike’s last day was also our company’s Year-End Party. Yeah! I know! My blog is two weeks updated. :(

The party’s theme was foreign TV shows. A team has a chance to win 5,000 worth of gift certificates just by coming to the party with their costumes. Joie and I got a little sentimental and thought a few days before that it would be our last Christmas party with Mike, and probably the last for the group. And then, an idea of saving the best for last was conceived. A lot of suggestions came up: Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, House, Grey’s Anatomy (which Tang mistakenly mixed up with Greg’s Anatomy), Dragon Ball and a lot more. But since we were up for the win, we settled for Naruto. Haha! We just signed up for the contest a day before the party. We are well-trained to cram! Haha!

We all went to Landmark, Glorietta and SM Makati on the night before the party just to look for costumes. Marwin and Jeff decided to go straight to Mall of Asia to try their luck. The guys were lucky because most of their costumes were readily available at Comic Alley which they picked up the following day; while the girls had to improvise. Joie and I bought our stuff at Robinson’s Department Store. Nyaha!

We arrived at Bagaberde a few minutes past 6 pm. As soon as we arrived, we all headed to change. Changing to our costumes was easy. What took most of the girls’ time was fixing my hair hehe. Thanks to Kriska for saving the day! As we went out, we were all surprised because everybody was already taking pictures of the boys. The boys were like the stars hunted by the paparazzi. Our team has always lived out of the spotlight. Some think that we exist in a world we created by ourselves. But that night was different.

The boys were talking how popular they've become :p

And the girls were like the stars’ P.A. Haha!

Cameras were flashing here and there but mostly for this guy! Scene-stealer! :p

Me as Tenten with Mike Sy as Kakashi

It was a night full of smiles and laughter. More photos to prove...

Joie as Hinata and Tang as Choji

Same pose for Tang =))
Smile :)

Kakashi with Hinata

That's me with Naruto

Jeff and Joie
Tenten and Hinata


It was also a night of candidness...

What's wrong Mike??!!

Constipated Choji??!
and a night dedicated for unglamorous people...

I have no idea what was wrong with me!


Unfortunately, we didn’t win the contest. But it really didn’t matter! We may not have the prize but we enjoyed every single minute of the night.

It was so nice to look stupid for a night especially if you’re doing it with your friends. The party ended with a group hug…

and the legendary jump shot...

I look ridiculous!

Ogie, teach me the basics of jump shots hehe :)

That night was the first and hopefully the last that I would make a fool out of myself. Good thing he was there to remind me that I look fine, though I could see the smiles he was consciously hiding.

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