What would I do if …

(From my Friendster blog site originally posted on March 13, 2007)

I get really wealthy? I would put up a small business, go to deserted province and be a public school teacher.

I can turn back the time? I would have begged my mom to let me learn how to ride a bicycle and ask her to let me play in the rain.

I am given a chance to have another career? I would study photography and bring out the beauty of the world through my pictures.

I can give something for free? I would spread happiness. I would teach everybody to look at things on a different light. I want the world to know that a meager meal can bring happiness if it is being shared with a family. I want the world to know that joy can never be measured by the number of friends you have but by knowing how much a single friend can go out of her way to pick you up when all of your so-called friends left you all alone.

I can change a part of my life? I would have not worked to death so I could spend more time with my lola before she passed away. How I wish I already knew back then everything I know right now. How I wish I could have done something to ease her pain brought about by the people closest to her heart. How I wish I could have fought the battle she refused to fight. How I wish could have spoken the words that she failed to say because her weak body made her soul weaker.

I can ask for a big favor? I would ask ABS-CBN to minimize the exposure of Gerard Anderson. “Sana Maulit Muli” has a great plot but I hate it when BOK-BOK says “Mahal kita PUKNAT!”.

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