Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid Is My Husband's BFF

Published on June 27, 2017

Our friends from Mikewell World of Household Products Corporation once again sent us three large bottles of Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid! I already mentioned in my previous post that our household decided to stick with Bubble Man because we ended up being so satisfied with it after we tried it for the first time last year. Some of my friends also told me that they made the big switch after I vouched on how great this product is. Even my mom decided to ditch the popular brand of dishwashing liquid after she tried Bubble Man. As a matter of fact, she only let me took photos of my Bubble Man and took home one afterwards. Haha!

bubbleman dishwashing liquid

I guess I will already sound like a broken record if I write about the dishwashing prowess of Bubble Man.

Alam niyo naman na kasi na halimaw si Bubble Man sa sebo. 
Matipid din siya!
Hindi nag-iiwan ng amoy at lasang sabon!
At higit sa lahat, banayad siya sa mala-porselanang kutis-artistang kamay ng asawa ko! 


So allow me to tell you the other uses of Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid in our household!

bubbleman dishwashing (1)

A couple of months ago, my husband decided to wash all our shoes! Sa sobrang bait niya, surprise daw niya ‘yun sa’kin. Shet! Kinabahan ako ng bongga! The last time we washed our shoes, some of them ended up looking like cast members of the movie 101 Dalmatians! Ang tapang kasi ng detergent na ginamit namin! (Aminin niyo, nabiktima rin kayo neto once! Hahahaha!)

Boyet: Nay, nilabhan ko mga shoes natin. 
Me: Hala! Anong ginamit mo? Baka magbatik-batik na naman?!
Boyet: Siyempre hindi na. Natuto na ako ‘no!

Our shoes are all safe. Thanks to Bubble Man! Hahahaha.

But wait, there's more! =))

I was about to wash the dishes one day when I noticed that the large bottle of Bubble Man was missing in our sink. We dilute our Bubble Man in water so we have a large bottle and a small one in our sink. I panicked when I realized that the large bottle was gone.

Me: Boyet!!! Nasaan ‘yung malaking Bubble Man? Kakabukas ko lang, bakit naubos na agad?

My topless husband came inside the house from our garage. He was sweating profusely! (Okay, guys. Huwag na kayong mag-imagine! Hahaha!)

Boyet: Ano ‘yun? Sigaw ka na naman ng sigaw!
Me: Naubos na ‘yung Bubble Man?
Boyet: Hindi. 
Me: E nasaan?
Boyet: Eto o, gamit ko.
Me: Para saan? Bakit nangalahati na???
Boyet: Naubusan tayo ng sabon para sa kotse e. Hehehe!
Me: E bakit ‘yan ang ginamit mo???
Boyet: Siyempre, para mild!

Hahahahaha!!! So there. Dati, close lang si Boyet at si Bubble Man. Ngayon, BFFs na sila! :p

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