Kolokoy Household: Episode 67

Published on March 14, 2016

Hi, my dear readers! I guess I was wrong when I thought that the previous Kolokoy Household post would probably be the first and last for this year. Hihi. I know that I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to that’s why I’m so thankful to those who chose to stick with me and my soon-to-be-dead blog. Hahaha! If you have an Instagram account, please do follow me because I update it more regularly. If you hate baby photos, then skip following my account! :p Anyway, here’s the latest from The Kolokoy Household! =)


My husband and I tune in to The Morning Rush when we’re on our way to the office. The Top 10 topic that morning was “Signs na Naghihingalo na ang Relationship Niyo”. I initially didn’t know it that’s why I was caught off guard when this happened.

Boyet: Nay, naghihingalo na ang relationship natin!
Me: Huh?! Bakit?!
Boyet: E kasi hanggang ngayon, patay na patay ka pa rin sa’kin e!
Me: Huwaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww!!!


Going back to work after my maternity leave was a big struggle. I thought it would get easier in time, but there are still days when I terribly miss Zayne when I am in the office. One time on our way home…

Me: Tay, ayaw ko na magtrabaho.
Boyet: E ‘di huwag ka na magtrabaho!
Me: E may housing loan pa tayo. Tapos madadagdagan pa ng car loan. Kaya na ba natin na ikaw lang ang may work?
Boyet: Ang sabi ko, huwag ka na magtrabaho!
Me: Talaga?!
Boyet: Oo nga! Pumasok ka lang sa office, pero huwag kang magtrabaho!



Image taken from starcinema.abs-cbn.com

I usually watch Dolce Amore when I’m breastfeeding Zayne before she goes to sleep. One night, Boyet told me that his office mates were talking about the previous night’s episode when he passed by their workstations.

Boyet: Nay, kanina ‘yung mga babae sa office puro teleserye ang pinag-uusapan. Ayang kilig mo sa mata mo, ganyang ganyan sila kanina!
Me: Hahahaha!
Boyet: Tapos pagdaan ko, sabi nila sa’kin, “Sir, siguro ikaw nanonood ka rin ng Dolce Amore ‘no?” Sabi ko sa kanila, “Excuse me ha! Hindi ako corny! Hindi ako nanonood ng Dolce Amore, ‘yung ATAWA ko lang!”
Me: Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!


We don’t have a house helper. Ever since Boyet and I moved in to our own house, we have been doing all household chores. ALL HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Things got more difficult when I gave birth. Fortunately, we got a helper a week before my maternity leave ended. She comes to our house at 7AM and leaves around 4PM. She takes care of Zayne in the morning until around lunch time. After that, she gets to do some household chores while Mama takes care of Zayne. Suffice to say, my daughter is spending a LOT of time with Mama. And that scares me! Hahahahaha! A few days ago, I realized that my fear is valid after all! :p

Mama: Sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa… Dalawang tenga, dalawang kamay, ilong na maganda…
Me: Mama! Mali naman tinuturo mo!
Mama: Bakit? 
Me: Ang dami daming parte ng katawan, paulit ulit ang kamay?! Ano ka, unli?
Mama: Sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa… Dalawang tenga, dalawang paa, ilong na maganda…
Me: Ano baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???!!!

Aba! Humirit pa!

Mama: Tong tong tong tong pakitong kitong, alimango sa dagat… maputi at masarap…
Me: So ano ‘yung alimango, albino?!
Mama: E bakit ba marunong ka pa sa’kin? E sa gusto ko ng maputing alimango!
Me: Ayusin mo kasi!
Mama: Tong tong tong tong pakitong kitong, alimango sa dagat… maliit at masarap…
Me: Ngayon naman, malnourished ang alimango?!


Enjoy the rest of the week! ^_^

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