Dear Jowee

Published on February 14, 2013

Years ago when I was merely a blog reader up until now that I have my own site, I love leaving comments and even sending email messages to my favorite bloggers. I remember feeling giddy when I receive replies from them, whether a reply to my comment, email message or tweet. I started receiving feedback from readers a couple of years after I started blogging. Though it’s just once in a blue moon, I appreciate the fact that readers go out of their ways to reach out to me. After all, I was once a reader like them. Last year, I started feeling a sense of reassurance that I am actually doing something good through writing. I get really ecstatic when an unknown email address pops out of my email notifications. Aside from readers’ inquiries, I get countless of “thank you” and “you inspire me” messages. And since I’m also on Twitter, what used to be a once-in-a-blue-moon phenomenon now happens at least once a week.

Last week, I wrote about the email messages I got from two of my readers. And that same week, I got a very unusual tweet from Jowee. If I remember it correctly, we were classmates during our junior year in high school. We were from different social groups. She comes from a circle of pretty and likable girls. I come from the DORKS!!! :p I haven’t seen her in ages, but I remember bumping into her many times since we went to the same university. Though we’re not close, I don’t think she comes from the “classmates who now read my blog who I thought didn’t like me” list which I mentioned here. I hope so. :p

Notice that more than a decade ago, she is still pretty and likable in her profile picture. Ansabeh ng Frankenstein ko?!

She referred to my blog as light and inspirational. Ayiii! Kinilig ako hanggang skull! :p And when readers use the word "fan", I feel like my lungs and my liver are exchanging their positions! It may be anatomically impossible, but that’s how I feel when people appreciate the little things I do, like keeping up this blog for instance. Kinikilig ako hanggang atay! :p

Thank you, Jowee. You have two adorable babies. I know how hard it is to take care of your growing family and manage a career at the same time. I do hope that my crazy stories, my food and travel entries, my journey in faith and my search in finding out God’s plans for me have somehow made motherhood a little more bearable for you. :)

I have such sweet and wonderful readers. I may not make money with this blog. But my readers’ appreciation makes me feel that I am born to write! Pinapaiyak ninyo ako! :p I’m actually more inspired to write. I’m now warming up, flexing my muscles and cracking my neck so I can write more. Bwahahaha!

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