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Published on October 15, 2012

If you’ve been following this blog, then you probably know that aside from being a software developer, foodie, traveler and aspiring writer, I’ve also appointed myself as the unofficial Quality Assurance Tester of Joie’s My Sweets Haven. Other than the fact that I get some free stuff from Joie, I don’t get paid for it. Even if I’m only doing this out of my love for her, I still try my best to give nothing but objective feedbacks. :p

I believe Joie is trying to perfect her newest cupcake flavors. So last month, she gave me a box of these cute cupcakes through my husband.

I wanted to try out every single cupcake. But because I’m scared of how it will affect my already increasing waistline, I decided to try a little bit of everything. In short, kinagatan ko silang lahat! HARHARHARHAR!!! >:)

At that time, Joie was still working on perfecting the cupcakes. But everything tastes so good. I don’t know why she still doesn’t trust me when I tell her that she’s a very good baker-slash-pastry-chef. I don’t lie to her. I tell her when she’s getting fat! :p

It was actually my first time to try out a “white” cupcake. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the Coco Cream. The desiccated coconut added a distinct texture to the soft cupcake. On the other hand, the Chocolate Cupcakes are very moist! I was initially hesitant to try it because it looks so sweet. But the cupcakes have the perfect amount of sweetness. My favorite among the three is the Red Velvet. I promised myself that I’d just take a bite of each flavor. But I gave in with the Red Velvet. I finished it off in no time.

I love this job!!! :p

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