Revisiting Intramuros

Published on October 28, 2009

The photos below are just mere remembrances of how my skin got torched on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Our plan was to roam around Intramuros but we ended up spending hours setting up our cameras. I have realized that I still don’t know how to use mine.

Boyet and I were surprised when we found out that you cannot enter the “baluarte” behind PLM without paying for an entrance fee: Php75 for adults and Php50 for students. The caretaker had mistaken us for students and was surprised when we paid Php75. He was nice enough to charge us at a student price only.

I still don’t know how to edit pictures so these are untouched. Huhu I'm so sad with the outcome! :(

The last photo is my favorite. I’ve tried numerous shots using various settings. Well, this is the most decent of them all. It's like my life, a long road leading to nowhere. :p

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