Kolokoy Household: Episode 87

I was planning a Kolokoy Household post to be my first blog post for the year because I wanted to start it on a happy note. Unfortunately, our little family was hit by COVID-19 last January. I was hoping to spend more time updating this little virtual space of mine, but there are just a lot of things on my plate. Tatay and I also started going back to the office last April, so that definitely made our schedules even tighter. I just realized six months later that I have a Kolokoy Household post sitting on my drafts, so I guess it’s not yet too late to have one! Hahaha!


Zayne: Tatay, if there is watermelon, bakit walang firemelon or airmelon?
Tatay: Akala mo lang wala, pero MELON, MELON, MELON!


Zayne suddenly asked us what the story of Sadako is. She said that one of her friends told her about it. I told her that the movie was so scary that after I watched it with my best friends back in college, I was unable to watch TV and even look in the mirror for almost 2 weeks! I’m not joking, guys! Hahaha!
Zayne: Tatay, Nanay won’t let me know the story of Sadako. Can you please tell me?
Tatay: Okay, if you insist! 
Once upon a time, there was a really happy girl with a long hair. 
Something really bad happened to her which made her really sad… 
that’s why she became SAD-AKO!


Zayne: Nanay, what do you call a male teacher?
Me: Teacher din.
Zayne: Ehhhhhh, wrong!
Me: What?
Zayne: A teach-HIM! Get it, get it?



Tatay: Nay, ano’ng tawag dito?

Me: Ahmm, fish?
Tatay: Very good! E dito?

Me: Hahahaha! Alam ko ’yan! TWO-NA (TUNA) ! Akala mo ha!
Tatay: E dito?

Me: Ano???
Me: WTH?!


Zayne: Nanay, what does MERCH mean?
Me: Ohh, I think it’s short for merchandise. Nowadays, when we say merch, those are the things that famous people sell to their fans or followers. Wait, I’ll Google just to be sure.
Zayne: Tatay, what does MERCH mean?
Tatay: It’s now MERCH. January... February... MERCH!
Me: 🤦‍♀️


Me: Zayne, let’s go! We need to review your Math lessons.
Zayne: Hay, naku! Ma-ha-high blood na naman ako neto!



Zaynes Math lesson was about addition and subtraction word problems. Problem was something like: Anna has 4 bags. Her mother gave her 3 bags. How many bags does Anna have?

Teacher: Zayne, what is the addition sentence?
Zayne: Three plus four equals seven.
Teacher: Very good, Zayne.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anak, hindi lahat ng babae e gaya ng nanay mo na walang hilig sa bags!


Zayne: Nanay, if dining room is silid kainan in Filipino, why is living room called silid tanggapan? It should be SILID NG MGA BUHAY.

Owkei. 😳

Guys, speaking of Filipino. In case you missed it, Zayne started her own YouTube channel months ago. She had to convince us for months. We only allowed her because she promised us that she will help other kids with their school lessons. We also keep on reminding her that she should simply have fun. So far, so good! She thinks of her contents. All her spiels are hers. Walang script! Even the name of her channel, ZAYNES LEARNING AND GAMING CLUB, was her idea. Editor lang talaga ako at tagabayad ng internet connection. Hahaha! Anyway, one of her latest vlogs was a lesson in Filipino. I hope you watch her vlogs, and show her some love by liking her videos and subscribing to her channel. Thank you! 😊

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