4 Health Issues That Became More Common During Lockdown

The global health pandemic caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has put many people through the wringer. It’s true to say that numerous health issues have become more common due to this situation. Here are some of the health problems that have become more prevalent during the lockdown.

Dental Issues 

I am pretty sure that a lot of people resorted to stress-eating to cope up with the stress of being stuck at home. If you browse through your social media feeds, you will definitely see tons of posts of people baking and selling cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. To add to that, dental clinics were closed for an extended period of time. This is definitely a struggle for people like my husband who are wearing braces!

While a lot have reopened now, people are still struggling to get the support that they need from dentists. Many individuals often assume that dental health is not important, but this is not the case. Oral checks are crucial for a variety of reasons including ensuring that there aren’t any signs of dental problems. If you are worried about the state of your dental health due to the lockdown, make sure that you book an appointment with a practice like Mona Vale Dental. I know that a lot of dental clinics have been exerting efforts to adapt to the new normal to ensure the safety of their patients.

Mental Health 

Lockdown saw a rise in mental health concerns. This was mainly due to people being unable to venture out to visit family and friends. The older generation took the brunt of this and became very alone and isolated due to having no visitors. Feeling alone can aggravate existing mental health issues such as depression. The uncertainties surrounding this pandemic also caused people to experience panic attacks and anxiety. Experts have advised it is vital to keep up a routine and get back on track slowly. It’s also important to readjust your sleeping pattern and be more active throughout the day. 

The C Word 

Reports have revealed that multiple individuals have struggled to get the support they need and the right cancer treatments during lockdown. I personally know people who experienced this. This has led to numerous individuals feeling helpless and completely unsupported. People were even worried about contacting their doctor or visiting a hospital out of fear that they might contract COVID-19. It also didn’t help that a lot of hospitals are full, and medical practitioners are already exhausted treating COVID-19 patients. Cancer is always a terrifying diagnosis, but catching it early tends to lead to more positive results. 


You definitely may have found that your diet has slipped and your weight has increased during lockdown. People went one of two ways during the lockdown. They either went on a fitness kick, working out every day, or decided to just let things go and ate more fast food. Of course, it will have been tempting to order food rather than queue for the shops through the lockdown. Now, you could be faced with the difficult task of getting your health back on track. Rather than dieting, consider simply adding a more intense workout to your daily routine. A ninety-second workout could be a brilliant option for burning calories. 

As the world begins to emerge from the global health pandemic, it’s now up to us all to get back on track. We have to think about the health issues we may have missed and consider things beyond contracting the virus itself. 

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