Make Life Easier for Yourself in 3 Simple Steps

With everybody struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s definitely a must to make life a little easier. It’s easy to take pride in working hard to fulfill every single task you have each day, or to grind hard to provide for your family. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it beats the alternative by a country mile. However, that pride can lead us to forgo natural aids and struggle when we could really do with some help.

After an intense COVID-19 lockdown and the financial consequences that go along with this, we would love to see more people able to relax and to let off steam as they deserve to. As such, some of the loving advice below will help you move forward to a positive result and potentially even help you avoid some of the unnecessary strain you’ve been putting on yourself.

Update Your ‘Life Aids’ 

It’s worthwhile to update and upgrade the aids that help you through every day, from time to time at least. For instance, if you’re struggling with your glasses prescription, you can use internet retailers to consider the framing you want and find it easily. I updated my prescription glasses just last year after wearing the same pair for nearly a decade because my old 25/25 grade jumped to 150/100. From progressive lenses to safety glasses in a certain style, treating yourself to a new daily helper - be that a walking aid, glasses, sleep apnea mask or even a new smart watch can help you thoroughly. A lot of us have been stress-eating a lot while in lockdown, so it’s a good idea to get that exercise equipment that you’ve been postponing on purchasing for a long time. Do not take for granted upgrading your life aids as they may just help your daily life become more enjoyable.

Ask For Help When Needed

In life, it’s important to root for yourself. Sometimes, this means knowing your limits and being able to request a break when you truly need it. Asking for help when needed can help you avoid burning out, no matter if that’s asking your parents to look after your children for one evening a month, requesting your boss for a day off or asking your partner to spend more time caring for their share of the household chores. Sometimes you need to be vocal in order to share the burden of everyday necessities you may be unfairly shouldering. This pandemic has also been putting a lot of strain to our mental health, so it’s really important to seek professional help when you need it.

Rest, Rekindle, Recalibrate

If you’re not scheduling time to reset and rest, then you’re going to burn out sooner rather than later. It might be that instead of heading to do overtime this weekend, you decide to schedule a ‘mental health day,’ which involves bathing luxuriously, heading for a long walk, and reading in your pajamas with beautiful jazz music playing. I know that a lot of moms like me have been stressing out since the quarantine. Aside from our usual day job and household chores, we now have to think more stuff like our kids’ distance learning and keeping our family safe and healthy. To relieve my stress, I’ve been gardening and watching Korean dramas. We all need to re-calibrate and remove some of the burden from our shoulders from time to time, as it will help us come back to our responsibilities with an added vigor and enthusiasm. So, don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

I do hope we can all make our lives a little easier with these three simple steps despite the pandemic. I know that it is easier said than done, but we just need to take one step at a time. :)

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