Review: Lay Bare Waxing Salon at Circuit Lane Makati

I recently started going to the Circuit Makati branch of Lay Bare to avail of their half-leg wax and eyebrow threading services. Although I’ve tried quite a few other waxing salons, I decided to stick to Lay Bare primarily because my skin gets irritated if I don’t get my wax fix from Lay Bare. This has been a mystery to me because I don’t have sensitive skin. Siguro hiyangan lang talaga. I guess my skin prefers cold waxing.

I had been going to the Robinsons Manila branch of Lay Bare for years, but I decided to go to a different branch for two reasons. First is the horrible traffic brought by the Skyway construction. I’m not complaining because I’d rather have a government that invests in infrastructure, but this prompted us to have less visits to RP. If you’re an avid reader of this blog. Then you’re probably aware that Robinsons Manila is our default mall. Pwede na nga akong board member ng RP! Nyahaha! But what used to be a ten-minute drive to the mall is sometimes tripled. The Circuit Makati branch is less than a five-minute drive from our house. Second is the ease of scheduling an appointment! There were a few times when I could not even set an appointment at the RP branch because they’re already fully-booked. On most cases when I successfully get a slot, I still get to wait for at least fifteen minutes for my turn. If you’re a busy mother like me who only squeezes in having your legs waxed on your grocery day, then every minute is gold! This is why I was so glad when Lay Bare finally opened at Circuit Makati!

Lay Bare Waxing Salon at Circuit Lane Makati

I started going to the Robinsons Manila branch around 2014 before I tried the Circuit Makati branch earlier this year. This is why this review is some sort of a comparison between the two branches. I know that it’s a bit unfair for me to do so given that the Circuit Makati branch is way younger, but I really expected more from the RP branch after it underwent renovation last year.

The first thing I noticed at the Circuit Makati branch was their receiving area! Of course it has the usual dominant green color which is the signature of Lay Bare. But I couldn’t help but notice that the space is bigger. Zayne can even walk around the receiving area. When I go to the RP branch, I literally have to move aside when someone is opening the door while I register or settle my bill.

Lay Bare Waxing Salon at Circuit Lane Makati Pricelist

Their rooms are also more spacious. I feel bad for the staff members of the RP branch because they sometimes need to move the bed while I’m lying just to get the perfect spot while waxing.

The small details in the room also appealed to me. I felt a bit relaxed as I was lying on the bed while the attendant was preparing the wax. Sabi ng décor, KEEP SMILING daw. Hindi ko alam kung nakaka-smile pa ang mga nagpapa-Brazilian wax. Hahahaha!

Lay Bare Circuit Makati (3)

I initially thought that the room was only clean because the branch is still relatively new and largely due to the fact that I always schedule my appointment on a Sunday afternoon. This is why I decided to delay my review. I figured that it would be an unfair comparison. But just last weekend, I had a 5:30PM appointment. I was surprised that the room was still clean and in order. The towels and bed sheets are still pristine. Sadly, I cannot say the same for the RP branch. I seriously hope they’ve started throwing away the old and faded towels.

Lay Bare Circuit Makati (2)

Apart from the proximity, ease of scheduling an appointment and better facilities, the most important reason I decided to stick to this branch is because I finally found my Fairy Kilay Godmother! My eyebrows are my source of nightmares for the longest time! Wahahaha! I remember going to one waxing salon in Greenbelt, and the one who threaded my eyebrows spent more time strategizing how to make them look even than the actual threading. “Ma’am, hindi po talaga pantay e!” Ang ending, pinabili nya ako ng K-Palette! HAHAHAHAHA! For years, I’ve been dependent to K-Palette. Parang FILL IN THE BLANKS kasi ang kilay ko, mga beshies! I was also forced to grow side bangs so I can hide my right eyebrow!

When I first came in January, the one who attended me also had the same perplexed look. She did the best she could to save my eyebrows. Haha! She advised me not to pluck my eyebrows and come back after two months. I felt really conscious going out with bushy and messy eyebrows, but I had no other choice! When I came back last Sunday, sabi ni Ate, “Ang ganda ng tubo ng kaliwa. Ok na. Pero bakit ganun ‘yung kanan? Parang may POKNAT?!” 


But once again, she did wonders with my eyebrows! Konti na lang daw, aayos na. Balik daw ako after one month. So when you see me with messy eyebrows, please don’t judge! :p

Lay Bare Circuit Lane Makati
Chino Roces Avenue, Makati

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