Fun Day at Paradizoo

Our little family had a spontaneous trip to Tagaytay a couple of months ago. It was one of those last-minute unplanned trips. My husband wanted to take us out of the city for some relaxation. (I’ll create a separate post on where we stayed.) Less than an hour before we left Manila, I told my husband that we should make a side trip and bring Zayne to Paradizoo! We’ve been bringing Zayne to staycations so I wanted this specific one to be extra special for her.

My husband and I have been finding the balance in using technology in raising our daughter. We don’t allow Zayne to use gadgets (I have nothing against parents who do), but we expose her to various media wherein she’ll still be able to learn a lot of things. We let her watch YouTube videos which practically developed her fascination with animals! I was initially thinking of going back to Residence Inn Zoo when I remembered about Paradizoo. I figured that my daughter would probably love to have more interactions with the animals in Paradizoo!

paradizoo (4)
And... I was right! Look how happy Zayne was after hours of running and looking at different animals!

I initially thought that Zayne wouldn’t enjoy her first trip to the zoo. She got a bit scared when she first saw the animals. Boyet went with Zayne to touch the donkey. (Or was it a miniature horse? Sorry, even I got confused! Hihi!) It was so still, and then it suddenly moved when Zayne touched it! Ikaw ba naman na sa YouTube lang nakakakita ng animals, tapos biglang nakita mo sa personal?! Mej star struck ‘yung anak ko! Hahahaha!

paradizoo (6)

Out of all the roaming animals in her sight, Zayne decided that it would be cooler to hang out with a statue pig! She kept on shouting PIG! PIG! PIG! Hahahahahaha!

paradizoo (5)

But after a few minutes, Zayne finally warmed up! My Little Kolokoy was able to enjoy “playing” with the animals. They have some caged animals, but a lot are free to roam around the vast area of greens. That’s probably the best thing about our trip to Paradizoo.

Zayne kept on saying whatever animal she saw along with its sound! Duck, quack quack! Ors, neigh neigh! Sheep, bah bah! She particularly loved the ducks and the bunnies! My mommy heart was so, so, so happy to see my baby enjoying her first time at the zoo!

paradizoo roaming animals

paradizoo (7)

I have to warn you, though, that the place is not for the faint-hearted. Because the farm has a lot of caged and roaming animals, the smell may be unbearable for a lot of people. We didn’t mind at all, but the family in front of us kept on complaining about the foul smell. Pero ako, amazed na amazed kasi nakakita ako ng kakapanganak pa lang na sheep! The baby sheep was still covered with some blood! Sayang lang, kung napaaga kami, baka inabutan ko ang actual na panganganak! (At nahimatay ako sa takot! Hahahahaha!)

paradizoo caged animals

Apart from the animals, Zayne was also in awe when she saw a lot of blooming flowers! It was also a delight for me! Sobrang amazed ako sa mga tanim! My husband and I have always dreamed of having our own farm. Someday, someday. But seriously, ang saya sa mata ng mga tanim!!!

paradizoo garden

The lush greenery was absolutely a great place for Zayne to enjoy. I don’t know where she got her unlimited energy because she was running non-stop! But I am pretty sure that even the kids-at-heart would love the setup. We actually saw some groups of visitors enjoying their picnic!

paradizoo (2)

paradizoo (1)

paradizoo (3)

I am just a bit sad because it seems that some parts of Paradizoo are not being maintained properly. I saw a sign that says FISH SPA, but there wasn’t any in sight apart from a shallow damp place. (Parents, make sure to bring insect repellent when you come to Paradizoo!) The children’s playground was also a bit of a letdown. :(

paradizoo (8)

They also need to work on the food choices in their restaurant. We arrived around lunch time, but the only thing they could offer was fried liempo. As in ayun na lang ang tinda nila! Buti na lang masarap ‘yung fried liempo! Hahaha! :p

My husband could not remember how much we paid for the entrance fees. He wasn’t sure if it was PHP149 or PHP199 per adult. Paradizoo didn’t charge Zayne. Not bad ang two hundred petot para sa saya na naidulot sa anak ko! After our trip to Paradizoo, Zayne could not stop telling whoever she talked to about the animals she saw. Animated pa ang mga kwento. This made me look forward to bringing Zayne to more zoos and farms in the future!!! :)

Maglabe Drive,
Mendez, Cavite

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