KDrama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

I finished watching Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon a couple of weeks ago. It was placed on my Korean drama radar after it was recommended to me by some of my readers who follow my KDrama review posts.

I had high expectations with SWDBS because a couple of my readers left comments in my blog telling me that watching Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon is like watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo all over again. They are probably talking about the kilig factor and the plot being light and simple. I also expected too much from this Korean drama because I started to like Park Bo-Young after I watched her from Oh My Ghost! (I watched Oh My Ghost a couple of months after I gave birth to Zayne. I happened to take a blogging hiatus at that time so I did not get to write a review on that Korean drama. Hihi!)


I really enjoyed the first few episodes. I found myself laughing non-stop because of the countless of hilarious scenes. It’s very mesmerizing to see Park Bo-Young as a fragile-looking woman gifted with supernatural strength. It was also so refreshing to watch the two lead actors, Park Hyung-Sik and Ji Soo. They brought the meaning of love triangle to a new level because of their funny bromance moments! Hahahahaha! I also find Park Hyung-Sik’s portrayal of an influential yet love-struck CEO quite amusing.

There were also enough doses of kilig moments. I was caught off guard for a few times because most of the kilig scenes were injected in the most unexpected instances. ‘Yung mga kilig slash harurtan bigla na lang susulpot in the middle of nowhere! Hihi. Hindi kasing dami at kasing tindi ng sa Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, pero okay na rin.

Unfortunately, I didn’t completely like it. I wasn’t hooked from start to finish. I was enjoying it on the first few episodes, but I honestly felt like SWDBS became quite dragging and too predictable later on. I literally had to think twice if I wanted to finish watching this KDrama. I know that it is supposed to be a light story, but the predictability somehow bored me.

There were also a lot of corny scenes which made me cringe while watching it. I am not sure if adding this specific brand of comedy was intentional, but I didn’t enjoy it. Yes, there were a lot of funny moments, but most of the time, the punchlines were so off that I ended up scratching my head in disbelief. Again, this may be intentional, but the style is probably just not my cup of tea.

There were also a lot of fillers which surely didn’t add any value to the story. The gang had too much exposure, but most were just fillers. I knew that there was something of value at the end of the story, but the buildup was too much. It was like I waited for 16 episodes for the punchline. I honestly think that it wasn’t worth it. Ang daming pasakalye tapos ‘yung tawa ko kaunti lang. Mga tatlo lang. HA HA HA!

The execution might be off, but I appreciated the efforts of the cast. The guy who played the antagonist nailed it! I actually look forward to seeing him in future Korean dramas. I also liked the fact that the writers attempted to add another layer to the story line to create a thicker plot. The crime-fighting element of the story is probably one of the reasons that made me hang on to SWDBS up to the very end.

Don’t get me wrong, okay? Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon is not bad at all. I am thinking that I didn’t enjoy it completely because I was hoping it to be as kilig as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. But it was a nice watch after the mind-boggling and stressful W – Two Worlds! Okay rin naman na hindi masyadong na-overwork ang brain cells ko sa SWDBS! Hihihi! :p

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