Taters and Cheetos - the Newest Love Team in Town

Whether you’re a foodie, a movie buff or both, this news will probably get all of your nerves pumped up! If we have local love teams like KathNiel, LizQuen, AlDub and Jadine, I guess it’s only fitting for these two giants, Cheetos and Taters, to be named as CheeTers! Haha! Okay, I just made that one up. But growing up with Taters and Cheetos, the news of their collaboration was something that made me really excited. I remember that I was in third year high school when my parents first allowed me to watch a movie with my friends. I went home with two things – that great feeling of independence after my parents finally allowed me to go out with my friends and orange-crusted fingers because I finished a bucket of Taters popcorn! And of course, Cheetos is a staple in our pantry! (Cheetos Jalapeno, FTW!) So just in case you’re like me who are a fan of both brands and can’t decide what to have on your next movie date, fret no more!

On January 25, Taters and Cheetos held a cheesy snack party at the Glorietta Activity Center.

taters cheetos snack fest
Chester showing some dance moves! 
Ahh, you didn’t know that the famous cheetah’s name is Chester?! :p

The two giants launched a selection of their “Cheetofied” snacks. Seriously, guys. If you ever find yourself torn between popcorn and Cheetos, or you’re quite hungry so you want a hotdog sandwich and some chips, Taters and Cheetos have you covered!

01 Crunch n pop
CRUNCH ‘N POP (Cheetos Superpop + Cheetos Crunchy)

01 Crunchy overload
CRUNCHY OVERLOAD (Cheetos Crunchy + Cheetos Tater Chips)

03 Cheetos Chik-a chips
CHEETOS CHIK-A-CHIPS (Chicken Fingers + Cheetos Crunchy + Cheetos Tater Chips + Cheetos Dip)

01 Fish n chips
CHEETOS FISH ‘N CHIPS (Fish Fillets + Cheetos Crunchy + Cheetos Tater Chips + Cheetos Dip)

01 BBQ crunch dog
CHEETOS BBQ CRUNCH DOG (Beef Hotdog topped with Coney Island Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cheetos Dressing, Cheetos Crunchy + Cheetos Tater Chips)

Plan your next movie date with Taters and Cheetos! Promo is on a limited-run from January 25 – May 15, 2017!

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