Zayne's Tenth Month

I felt a sense of panic when I had to put two numbers on top of Zayne’s cake. Has it really been ten months? That please-do-not-grow-up-so-fast is punching me in the face really hard. Hay, where did the time go?

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I think she’s just as surprised as I am!

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Zayne: Nanay, why does my cake look different?

zayne tenth month (9)
Nanay: Because it’s not from Ninang Joie.
Zayne: Why?
Nanay: Hmmmm. I don’t know. Maybe Ninang Joie does not love us anymore? :p

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Zayne: Hey, Ninang Joie! You owe me a cake! Make me a pretty cake for my first birthday, or else... Consider this a threat! 
Nanay: Yari ka, Ninang Joie! :p

We were not able to have a cake from My Sweets’ Haven because Ninang Joie needed to attend to a commitment on Zayne’s birthday. Mama requested if we could have the Chocolate Sansrival from Conti's instead. I also let her wear a pambahay dress given by Mama. And as usual, taking her photos was such a tedious task! She was constantly removing her headband, grabbing the cake and talking like a crazy maniac. Hahaha!

At ten months, she can already stand unsupported for an entire episode of Hi-5. She already started walking with bigger steps and in longer distances. And oh, she always gives me a heart attack because she’s constantly diving from one point to another! When I told her pediatrician about it, he said, “Ang yabang naman talaga niyan ni Zayne. Ang advanced!”

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Medyo siga o! Binabalibag na lang ang walker! :p

Apart from that, her doctor was also very delighted when we found out that her weight gain is finally back to normal. He was initially worried about Zayne’s slow weight gain. But after finding out that her milestones are advanced for her age, he stopped being conscious. After gaining almost half a kilo and 600 grams for two consecutive months, we all finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Speaking of weight gain, I think I can attribute it to Zayne’s appetite. She’s still exclusively breastfed. She’s eating whatever I ask her to eat while still consuming the same amount of milk from when she was still not allowed to eat anything.

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I didn’t practice baby-led weaning right away because of her slow weight gain. We would spoonfeed her while letting her hold a piece of vegetable. I was initially worried because she kept on dropping the food she’s holding. I read online that babies are expected to hold on to their food and eat it when they reach their sixth month. So I searched “what to do when babies throw food” on Google. Much to my surprise, I didn’t get much help. As I was scanning some online materials, I learned that this behavior is normal for toddlers! TODDLERS try to observe what happens when they drop food. Heller?! My baby was just six months old when she started doing it. Pati sa kalokohan, advanced ang loka?! Hihi! Anyway, when she started gaining weight, we went back to training her to eat on her own. Grabe, when she finally learned, napa “Hallelujah!” kami ni Boyet!

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Last month, some of her tricks were inconsistent, either hit or miss. But a few days after she turned nine months old, she has become more “cooperative” haha! She says HI to everybody. She would say HI even if the person is not paying attention to her! She also waves her hand and says, “Bye!” She also obliges when you ask her to raise her hand. Maygulay! Years from now, baka siya ‘yung student na laging nag-vo-volunteer magbura ng blackboard! Bwahahahaha!

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She also learned to say LA NA as in WALA NA. And she says it all the freakin’ time - when she finishes her food, when a song ends, when someone goes out of her sight and when she sees the end credits of a TV show or movie!

She loves to dance! Minsan, natatawa na lang kami kasi siya lang ang may alam ng tyempo ng sayaw niya! And oh, she was more than happy when the Bonakid commercial came back on air! :p

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A lot of tricks she learned were taught by her yaya - Nanay Inday. One of which is pointing at her baby photo when asked, “Nasaan si Baby Zayne?” It’s a photo taken by St. Luke’s BGC when she was a day old.

Marunong na rin siyang magmano! Huhuhu! I’m so proud of my bebe!

She has also outgrown watching Baby TV. Although she still loves watching Charlie and the Numbers, she now enjoys watching shows from Disney Junior and Animal Planet. Yes, Animal Planet!!! She loves seeing dogs, cats, elephants, sharks and whales! And, she loves making animal sounds. Her favorite is the sound of the lizard! Hahahaha!

Being the youngest baby in our neighborhood, she usually “talks” to older people on weekdays when all of her older playmates are in school. Boyet and I would always hear her giggles and babbles while we’re having breakfast. Her Titas from the house next to us would shout, “Zayne!!!” when they see her. And our baby, being the showoff that she is, would always show her tricks! Hindi ko rin alam, bakit hindi sila nagsasawa sa mga tricks ni Zayne! :p Tapos na-realize ko lang, mas sociable ‘yung anak ko kesa sa akin! :p

She continues to be our source of sunshine. She does the most random reactions – from tulaley to wacky poses and her signature walang-mata smile. She’s like a real-life emoji! Hahahaha!

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Hay. She’s growing up really fast. She already knows how to make lambing when I’m tired. She’s extra clingy on Sunday nights. Parang alam niyang iiwan ko na uli siya the following day to go to work. She squeals when she sees us coming home from work. And she showers me and her Tatay with hugs and kisses and lots of laway! At ten months, she does not allow me to go to the restroom! But I guess these are the best times to savor her childhood. Sooner or later, this phase will pass so I’ll just make the most out of it. I just can’t wrap my head around the thought that I’ll be having a toddler really soon!


  1. Nakakatuwa naman yung ulam ni baby! Ginisang okra at kalabasa :) I hope tuloy tuloy na yung weight gain niya. I enjoy reading your entries about Zayne, sana if ever maging nanay man ako someday ma apply ko lahat ng mga shinare mo dito :)

  2. Huhuhuh! Malapit ka na mag one baby! Stress Drilon na si Nanay. Tapos pa-stress drilon na din sina Ninang. Hahahaha!

  3. Happy 10th, Baby Z! Ang sarap nyo tingnan pag nagkukulitan: kayong mag-ina at kayong pamilya! Bilis talaga ng panahon, ano. Iniisip ko nga, nadagdagan na naman ang edad ko kaya need na namin talaga magdoble kayod sa pagtry magconceive, haha. We'll be praying and working harder on that soon. :)


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