Payday Buffet at Terraz Bistro & Meetings

Being a neophyte mother who is currently sharing the load of paying two mortgages with my dear husband, I look at payday as a gateway to an avalanche of bills to be paid. Harharhar! Gone are the days when I could go the nearest mall to score a new bag or a new pair of shoes. Now, as soon as all my “obligations” are settled, I usually do some online shopping for my daughter. #BuhayNanay

Honestly, it wasn’t really that hard to let go of shopping. When you’re already a mom, more shopping only means two things – more clutter in the house and less college fund for your child. :p But even if I’ve already let go of a lot of unnecessary things that could put a hole in my wallet, I still make sure to treat myself once in a while. I work hard, after all. I didn’t think twice saying goodbye to shopping, but there’s one treat that I chose to hang on to – EATING OUT! If others skip meals to buy gadgets, I don't buy gadgets so I can have nice meals. Hahaha! :p

My husband and I used to eat out at least three times a week. But we made a conscious effort to limit it to one to two times a week when we started paying for our house amortization. So imagine us during payday. FIESTA! This is why I was so ecstatic when I received an invite from Raintree Restaurants a couple of weeks ago. Apart from trying out their good food (I already knew that their food would be awesome because I’ve been to Stella before), I was delighted to be a bearer of good news so foodies like me would hear about their Payday Buffet at Terraz Bistro & Meetings!

Terraz is a cozy restaurant housed at the third level of Zuellig Building. (Yes, that glassed building in Makati that becomes “invisible”. Hihi.) During paydays, they host eat-all-you-can buffet lunch (PHP395++) and dinner (PHP450++). It’s a perfect treat for frugal, corporate slaves like me who want to indulge in a gastronomic adventure!

Our host was more than generous to allow me to bring ze bestfriend with me for dinner. As soon as we set foot in Terraz, I already knew that it’s far different from the usual buffet places that we got used to.

terraz payday buffet (12)

We were welcomed with a very inviting setup with perfect lighting and good music. The ambiance is cozy yet very classy. They have couches providing a quite relaxed environment which is perfect for corporate meetings or simply an extended night out with your friends.

Another thing I noticed is that the buffet spread is arranged and spaced smartly. Hindi siksikan. Hindi masakit sa mata. Plus, their presentation is simply awesome. I’m sorry, but my photos might not give justice to my claim so just take my word for it. :p

terraz payday buffet (3)
Now, do you believe me?

terraz payday buffet (4)
This, by far, is the most dramatic tawilis setup I have ever seen! :p

terraz payday buffet (15)

I’m not saying this because they didn’t make me pay for my dinner. You know me, guys. I don’t lie to you. Haha. But believe me when I say that their food is sooooo, sooooo, sooooooooo good! Aubrey and I told our host, Michele, “Hindi namin ‘to sinasabi kasi nakaharap ka ha. Pero masarap talaga!”

I have to say that I’ve been to other buffet restaurants that offer a wider range of food choices. ‘Yung tipong impatso-level kind of dami ng pagkain tapos karamihan naman ng food ay forgettable. Such is not the case at Terraz Payday Buffet. First, because their buffet menu actually changes. This gives diners variety and another reason to look forward to the next payday. (Excellent marketing strategy there, Terraz! 😊) And second, what the spread may have lacked in quantity, Terraz definitely compensated it with quality. They exerted an extra effort for the presentation to make the dishes look more appealing. And oh, have I already mentioned that their food is delish?! Hahaha. Eto, para na akong sirang plaka!

Everything I tasted was good, but ranking on top of my list is the pork belly (lower right portion of the photo below). I only got two pieces of the pork, one decision I later on regretted. I stood up to get more of it. The melt-in-your-mouth pork was such a delight to my taste buds.

terraz payday buffet (13)

I also personally loved their chicken inasal salad. I was simply just intrigued when I saw it served in a glass. I’m glad that it piqued my curiosity because it turned out to be another favorite! The smoky flavor of the grilled chicken was very evident.

terraz payday buffet (5)

If this blog is a student yearbook, then the next photo is the photo of the cool varsity guys! Hahaha. It’s like a picture of all the cool kids from the school hanging out in the gym in their varsity uniforms. Gahd!!! The lumpia is delicious. The chef even thought of making sisig lumpia. Yes, guys. Sisig was not deadly enough so Terraz cooked sisig, wrapped and deep-fried it! :p To make the photo even more #SquadGoals, the chicken skin decided to hangout with the lumpia kids! Ok, this is more of #SuicideSquad or #PutokBatokGang haha!

terraz payday buffet (6)

For the desserts, I loved their revel bars. It’s chewy and chocolatey good. I blame the revel bars for making me miss eating some fruits. Nabusog ako kakabalik for the revel bars!

terraz payday buffet (2)

terraz payday buffet (8)

terraz payday buffet (9)

terraz payday buffet (10)

Aubrey and I were joking around that we should have brought a bag so we could sneakily take home the revel bars! Hahahaha! Don’t worry, we didn’t do it! :p

terraz payday buffet (14)

For the record, I did try everything except for the fruits. I was so full to even attempt to stand up. I really wanted to make this review as comprehensive as possible so I made sure to eat ALMOST everything. So guys, you’re welcome. Haha!

terraz payday buffet (11)

Terraz also has meeting rooms which you can rent for corporate meetings and gatherings. To know more about the rates and for the schedule of their payday buffet, checkout their FB page.

terraz payday buffet (1)

Make sure you treat yourself for some good food on the next payday! =)

Terraz Bistro & Meetings
Level 3, Zuellig Building,
Makati Avenue cor Paseo de Roxas St.,
Makati City

* All photos were taken with Nikon D60 and Asus Zenfone Selfie

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  1. sa 2years ko sa Zuellig, di ko man lang na try dito. pabalik na ko Makati lunch out tayo minsan. Sa dela rosa area lang ako :-)

  2. Competitive ang price, ha. Cool concept also. Gusto ko tuloy i-try lalo na at nasarapan naman kayo ni Aubrey sa food! :)


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