Zayne's Fifth Month

Zayne turned five months old on April 8. It fell on a Friday so I decided to work from home to avoid being trapped in heavy traffic. Just like the previous months, we just had a very simple dinner celebration at home. As usual, Mama and Papa celebrated with us. Papa cooked pancit canton, while Mama bought homemade siomai from one of her friends. And of course, Zayne’s Ninang Joie baked a special cake for her!

Let me share with you a side story about the cake. I usually give away Zayne’s cake to Mama and Papa, Jeff and Joie, and Aubrey. I also share a slice or two with my officemates. Zayne’s Ninang Abby, who happens to be my officemate, asked if I could still bring more in the office. Sabi ko wala na. I even skipped giving some to Jeff and Joie. Alam niyo kung bakit?! Kalahati kasi, inuwi ni Mama! Hahahahaha! Abby said, “Sabihin mo kay Tita, tumatanda na siya. Bawas-bawasan niya ang sugar!” Ganun kasarap ang cake ng My Sweets’ Haven. Pinag-aagawan! :p

Zayne was wearing a dress from SM and… a diaper! 
Hahaha! Sorry, I forgot to put an underwear on her. 

Until now, I still get so amused each time I get to capture her faux surprise face, aka nganga pose! Hahaha! When I want to make her smile in front of the camera, I just need to fake a sneeze and say the word HACHIIIING! She would then flash a big smile, and that’s when I usually get my money shot.

She’s the queen of wacky poses! Her Ninang Aubrey said that it’s probably because I was so hooked to AlDub when I was still pregnant with Zayne. Mukhang kay Yaya Dub ko daw pinaglihi si Zayne!

Ansabeeee ng kilay?!


Subukan niyong awayin ako, yari kayo kay Zayne! :p


She giggles a lot! She brings so much joy to the Kolokoy Household each time we hear her loud giggles. I know that I’ve already posted these videos in another post, but these are too cute not to be shared again! ^_^

She is also getting noisier. Haha! She has been sleeping through the night since she turned two months old. Even if she wakes up earlier than us, she would just be quietly playing with her hands. But ever since she discovered that she could actually “talk” and make some noises, she has turned into the cutest alarm clock!!!

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Last month, she learned to play peek-a-boo, more popularly known as Eat Bulaga to us, Pinoys. Haha! But when she passed her fourth-month mark, she learned to take control of peek-a-boo by using a lampin to cover and uncover her face. Very resourceful and low maintenance baby! Lampin lang, masaya na! Hindi na ako gagastos sa mamahaling toys! :p

She loves the song Wheels on the Bus. I sing it when I put her to sleep. She also loves Charlie and the Numbers! Her face lights up when she watches it on Baby TV! She never fails to smile every time she hears the Counting Song. On the very rare times that she wakes up a bit grumpy, my trick is to sing to her the Counting Song, and she would be back to her usual jolly mood. Ang galing ko kasing kumanta! Char! :p 

In case you don’t know the song, try to listen to it. Ginagaya ko kasi ‘yung voices ng mga numbers. Sabi siguro ni Zayne, “Muntanga ‘tong Nanay ko!” Bwahahaha! =))

She has been trying so hard to crawl. Although she still needs a lot of practice, she has mastered the art of rolling over and lying on her stomach. She even does a Super Zayne pose to show off!




Aside from rolling over, she has also mastered the art of drooling! That’s the reason why Sophie the Giraffe is her best friend! May pabrika siya ng laway! Pwede ko ng ipang-export sa dami! :p

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Although a part of me always gets very sentimental because she is growing up too fast, I appreciate the fact that she now knows how to interact with the people around her. For months, she has been responding to people who call her “Zayne”. She also looks in our direction when Boyet and I call her either “Anak” or “Nak”. But just recently, she also responds to “Hoy” and “Psssstttt”. Hahahahahaha!

She always surprises us with her funny expressions and antics. I guess she’s living up to being a Little Kolokoy after all!


  1. Ganda talaga ng baby na yan. :) Love yan ni Ninang. More kwentuhan moments. Excited na ko maging big little girl ka para lipstick na tayo. :) Hahaha!

  2. Ang bilis 5 months na sya! At lalong gumaganda!


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