Zayne's Second Month

Zayne turned two months old on January 8 so here I am again writing about it a few days before she turns another month older. Haha!

Just like the previous month, we had a very simple celebration at home. Mama and Papa came over to our house, and we had spaghetti, pork barbecue and cake for dinner. Zayne’s Ninang Joie was getting married the following week so she begged off in doing our Little Kolokoy’s cake. Mama gifted Zayne with a cake from Goldilocks, and her OOTD that day was also a gift from Mama.

I could not believe how much she had grown in a span of one month. She’s very heavy that’s why Boyet and I woke up one day with aching arms and wrists. Would you believe that Boyet had to buy a wrist support? Weighing more than 9 pounds at 1 ½ months, her pediatrician told us the she is gaining weight as expected for her age. She’s getting chubbier each day. Her length also surprised us. So far, hindi pa siya bansot gaya ng nanay at tatay niya! Push mo lang yan, anak! :p

We took off her mittens after she turned a month old, and it didn’t take long before she discovered the use of her hands. Haha! Every time I’m breastfeeding her, her hands are everywhere! Ayun, na-discover na rin ng kamay nya ang butas ng ilong ko. Bwahaha! But I guess she would agree with me that her favorite is holding my hands while she’s latched on me. :)

She also has excellent grip! There was this one time when she fell asleep on my chest, and I could not take her hands off my hair.

She now knows a lot more than feeding, crying and pooping. She now smiles a lot! (She used to smile only when she is pooping. Haha!) The funny thing is, she first smiled when I told her, “Zayne, show Nanay your dimples!” Hahaha! I could not explain how ecstatic I was the first time I heard her giggle. As in yung hagikgik level kind of giggle! =)) It’s as if everything around her is funny. Pero pinaka-funny sa kanya ang Tatay niya! :p

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A video posted by Jerellt Abenoja-Andrade (@dahwanderer) on

She also makes all kinds of funny faces.




A video posted by Jerellt Abenoja-Andrade (@dahwanderer) on

A video posted by Jerellt Abenoja-Andrade (@dahwanderer) on

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She hates wearing headbands!


She’s super active! People are very amazed how strong she is. I wrote in my previous post that she was able to tilt and move her head even before she reached a month old. My husband and I thought that it was the end of it. But on Christmas eve, Boyet just lost sight of Zayne for less than 30 seconds, and he already found her lying on her tummy! Wala pa siyang two months! @_@


The onesie she wore on her second month birthday says it all! LOVE! Our hearts have changed tremendously because of our little darling. I didn’t know that I was capable of loving the way I do now. I have never been this tired and sleep-deprived, but I have also never been this happier. I am grateful beyond words because my husband and I feel like she’s everybody’s little sweetheart. I have been getting private messages from friends (some I haven’t even met personally) telling me that they have gifts for Zayne! More than the material things that she is being showered with, I feel very lucky to know that our daughter is being loved by so many people!

She’s growing up too fast that I can’t even keep up with her. So for now, I’ll simply try to savor her every cry, every smile and every trick. =)


  1. Happy 2 months Zayne! Ang cute cute mo! :)

  2. So cute! Ang bilis talaga lumaki ng baby. Feeling ko, it was just yesterday when my baby first pulled herself up. Ngayon, tumatakbo takbo na siya.


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