Zayne's First Month

Zayne will be turning two months old in a few days, and here I am writing a blog post about how we celebrated her first month. Hahaha! I know, I know. I am such an efficient mommy blogger. My very clingy Little Kolokoy is not giving me the option to do other chores aside from feeding her, singing lullabies to her, changing her diapers, bathing her and being her favorite bed. But a part of me really wanted to document her milestones here in my blog. She is growing up really fast, and I want to have something tangible to look back to.

We had a very simple and intimate celebration at home when she turned one month old last December 8. It fell on a weekday so my younger brother and my in-laws failed to join us. My parents went to our house to celebrate with us. We shared palabok, pork barbecue and pichi-pichi for dinner. We had more than enough to distribute to our neighbors. When I was on the last stretch of my pregnancy, my husband and I would spend our mornings walking along our neighborhood. Our neighbors never fail to greet us on all our walking “sessions”. The extra nice ones were even more excited than we were. We have a lolo neighbor who kept on telling us, “Ang tagal naman lumabas niyan para masundan na agad!” Hahahaha! Aside from thanking them, we also included them in our celebration because we wanted to make suhol in case they could hear Zayne’s cries in the middle of the night! Hahaha! They say it takes a village to raise a child. I’m just so glad that we have one, both literally and figuratively! =)

I wanted to take snapshots of Zayne. I dressed her in a pink onesie and pink mittens, both of which were gifts from her Ninang Joie. Hihihi!

DSC_3128Hi there! =)

DSC_3127 Nanay, I’m sleepy na po! @_@

Aside from our simple feast, we also had cake for Zayne! I asked Joie, owner of My Sweets’ Haven, to make Zayne’s monthly cakes. I wanted her cakes to be simple – no specific themes, and definitely no fondants. I just asked her to make a round chocolate cake with a number 1 on top made from colored chocolates. I don’t need to tell you that the cake was delicious! Wala siyang gawa na hindi masarap. Promise!

Umaanggulo ka pa, Anak?!

DSC_3109Haaaay! I can’t even eat MY OWN cake!

DSC_3101Hmp! Wait ‘till I’m old enough to attack Ninang Joie’s cakes!


I’ve heard mothers whine about how their kids grow up too fast. I know it’s already a clichΓ©, but now that I have my own child, I finally know how it feels. Zayne is growing up so fast, I can’t even keep up! She was only 5 pounds 10 ounces when I gave birth to her. Two weeks after, she was already weighing more than 7 pounds! I wasn’t prepared to see her transform in just a span of one month!

first month
These photos were taken just a few days after we were discharged from the hospital. She was soooooo tiny!

I know that motherhood would change me. I thought that waiting for four years for a child would make me fully prepared for the drastic changes, but I was wrong. During the first few days, I found myself crying. I got frustrated when she would not stop crying. I got easily irritated when people would give me unsolicited advice about how to raise my own daughter. I cried each time I would feel that my love and attention for her were not enough. But as my daughter gains weight, I also gain more knowledge on how to take care of her.

My schedules are always off. I don’t shower on time. I’m always in a hurry on everything – eating, brushing my teeth and even pooping! My wrists hurt like crazy. Days pass that I only use my hands to comb my newly-showered hair. I don’t have the time to blog and to read a book. Most of the time, I smell like poop and spoiled milk. And my list goes on. But despite the things that I have been missing, I enjoy being needed by my daughter. I enjoy the limitless hugs and kisses. I love looking at her every single time, whether she’s happy or grumpy. I will forever remember how hard Boyet and I laughed when we first discovered that she has dimples while she was pooping and how she sprayed poop on Tatay while he was changing her diaper. (Yeah, our world now revolves around poop! Hahaha!) Her accomplishments and milestones are also mine. I take pride at how she can effortlessly lift her head or how she continuously tries to lie on her tummy when she was just less than two weeks old. Her kicks only prove the same strength she manifested as she battled with me through a difficult pregnancy. So I guess doing this monthly thingy is not only a celebration for Zayne. It is a celebration of our teamwork – Zayne’s strength as she grows and our strength as parents. It’s not only a celebration of her milestones as a baby, but also ours as parents. ^_^


  1. Ang sarap maging mommy noh? How I wish ganito lang ulet kaliit ang mga boys ko kasi ngayon grabe na sila sa kulit hindi mu na makarga ng walang gulo! Happy 1 month baby zayne!

  2. Ang bilis bilis!!! Hahahaha! :) Tuwing dumadalaw kami parang laging nabu-vulcanize ang bagets na yan. :) Excited na ko gumala at magplay kayo ni Ate Skye. :) See you soon little girl. Ninang loves you very much. :)


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