Kolokoy Household: Episode 65

Helloweeeeehhh!!! Oh, yes! I’m still here! Hahaha! And in case you’re wondering, no, I still haven’t given birth to our Little Kolokoy. My last leg of pregnancy was harder than I expected. Aside from the usual fatigue, something scary happened on my 33rd week of pregnancy. The day after my younger brother’s wedding, I had a fever and my temperature shot up to 38.4C. I immediately informed my OB/GYN, and I was advised to go to St. Luke’s BGC for a blood test. I was praying hard that it wasn’t dengue fever. As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I was attached to a fetal monitor. A few hours later, my blood test results came out, and I was positive for bacterial infection. Fortunately, my fever went away the following day. But I was still ordered to be on bed rest because bacterial infection can cause preterm labor. I was also showing some signs of contractions as per the fetal monitor reading. When I reached my 36th week, my OB/GYN got concerned because I stopped gaining weight. I even lost 1 lb from my 34th week checkup. Although her BPS result showed that her weight is within the normal range, it’s still considered a week behind her gestational age. And because my endocrinologist ordered me to stop my sugar monitoring because my gestational diabetes hasn’t manifested throughout my pregnancy, my OB/GYN ordered me to eat anything I want for the next few weeks! I can even eat chocolates, cakes, doughnuts and ice cream. Hahahaha! I was still asked to take things easy because we wanted Baby Z to stay inside me for a couple of more weeks. Last weekend, I came back for my 37th week checkup. I still didn’t gain weight and my cervix is still not dilated even if I already had a bloody show the day before. I was ordered to come back next week for another BPS just to check what’s preventing Baby Z from engaging. But the good news aside from me being able to eat whatever I want, kailangan ko ng matagtag! Pwede na akong mag-mall! Harharharhar! :p So please continue to pray for my safe and normal delivery. =)

Anyway, I know that I have neglected this blog. (Wala pala akong entry for October?!) But I know that a lot of you are praying for our growing family, and that you will all still be there when I get my groove back! I was initially planning to blog as much as I can and have scheduled posts so it will look like I am still blogging on my first few weeks of motherhood, but I just don’t have the time and bandwidth to do it. But I will still try to do it this week! I guess a new Kolokoy Household post is a good start, don’t you think? =)


I don’t really get the chance to watch local teleseryes except for On the Wings of Love. Yeah, I’m sort of a JaDine fan! Hihihi! I remember the time when people were laughing at me because I watched Diary ng Panget. And now these same people are salivating over James Reid! (Oo, Joie! Kasama ka dun! Hahaha!) If you’re an OTWOLista, then you probably remember the memorable (and quite funny) scene where Clark (James Reid) and Jigs (Albie Casino) went on a shirtless battle.

Topless-James-and-AlbieImage taken from philippineedition.com

Ang hindi alam ng marami, may humamon kina Clark at Jigs!


Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! =))=))=))


The Kolokoy Household is a proud member of the AlDub nation. Mama makes sure that she does not miss a single episode of the Kalyeserye. Kahit gaano siya ka-antok, pipilitin niyang manood bago siya mag-siesta. Papa does not get to watch it because he sleeps earlier. But one time during dinner, we got surprised when we found out that he is actually updated with AlDub. Apprently, his friends are also big AlDub fans!

Papa: Malapit na palang magkita ‘yung AlDub ‘no?
All: ???
Me: Kilala mo ang AlDub?
Papa: Oo naman! Pati ang mga lola!
Boyet: Aba! Updated si Papa!
Papa: E tuwing mag-iinuman kami, ayun ang topic nila e. Tinapatan na rin nga daw ng kabila ‘yun e. Si Polvoron Girl!
Me: Pastillas, Pa! Pastillas Girl!!!


Boyet and I were discussing about my fear on the possibility of having Baby Z through a Caesarian section.

Me: Kausapin mo nga si Baby na dapat normal delivery kami.
Boyet: Positive thinking ka lang kasi dapat. Ang liit naman ni Baby e so kaya niyo ‘yan!
Me: E kaso nga, ‘yung ibang body parts niya behind ng gestational age nya. Pero ‘yung ulo niya, palaging 1 week ahead naman! Baka mamaya hindi magkasya ‘yung ulo e!
Boyet: Hay naku! Huwag mong problemahin ang ulo ng anak mo. Kung sakaling ma-CS ka man, hindi ulo niya ang sasabit sa’yo.
Me: Ano?!
Boyet: ‘Yung nguso niya!

Baby Z 4D Ultrasound


Boyet bought a book about pregnancy and taking care of a newborn baby. As I was reading it, I stumbled upon a topic about how to make a baby burp.

Me: Dapat kapag after ko magpa-breastfeed, ikaw naman ang magpa-burp para maka-rest ako o kaya makagawa ako ng gawaing-bahay.
Boyet: O sige ba! Madali lang ‘yan.
Me: Sige nga, paano?
Boyet: Kakargahin ko siya ng patayo, nakasandal siya sa’kin paharap tapos ‘yung ulo niya nasa balikat ko.
Me: Pero sabi dito sa book, aside diyan, may two ways pa raw ng pagpapa-burp. Eto ‘yung isang way daw o.


Boyet: Ayyyyy! Nananakal?! Hindi niya mahal ang baby niya?!
Me: Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Sorry, Anak! Ngayon pa lang, humihingi na ako ng tawad para sa tatay mo! :p


One night, Boyet decided to open his coin bank. Kakatapos ko lang maligo, tapos biglang nagsisisigaw!

Boyet: Baby!!!!!!!
Me: Bakit????
Boyet: Tawagan mo si Doc! Dali!
Me: Bakit????
Boyet: Sabihin mo, may pambayad na tayo sa kanya! Kahit i-CS ka pa niya ng 3 beses!
Me: Magkano ba ‘yang laman ng alkansiya mo?
Boyet: 1,200!

Hahahahahaha! Hiyang-hiya naman ang St. Luke’s sa mga barya ni Boyet! :p

Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

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