Little Kolokoy’s 4D Ultrasound

Last Monday, my husband and I took a day off from work to go to my routine checkup at St. Luke’s Global. We first went to see my endocrinologist. Fortunately, I was able to manage my gestational diabetes by following a strict diet. I’m such a disciplined Nanay! Hahaha! We also took advantage of our day off to see our OB/GYN for my 30th week checkup. We were so excited because we were also scheduled to do a 4D ultrasound!

During my prior visit, my OB/GYN told us that we could already opt to have the 4D ultrasound as early as my 28th week. But she told me that the best time is really between the 30th and 32nd week because the baby has gained more fats making her appear “cuter” in photos. She made us choose when to have ours. And because Boyet was so excited, without even thinking twice, he said that we’d have it on the 30th week!

I remember that my friend, Abby, discouraged me to have it on my 32nd week. When she had hers while she was still pregnant with my inaanak, Andrei, the placenta was already blocking her baby’s face, making it quite difficult to get clearer photos of Andrei. I told my OB/GYN about this concern. She told me that I need not to worry because as per our Congenital Anomaly Scan, the placenta is at the back of Baby Z.

My concern with the placenta was baseless. But our Little Kolokoy was such a tease! Just like the last time when she kept on covering her you-know-what when we were about to find out her gender, this time around, her face, arms and legs were covering her face! To make things even worse, she was “playing” with the umbilical cord! Dra. Australia Luz even said, “Hala! Lumalambitin pa sa umbilical cord!” Plus, she was soooooo likot! Napapakamot na lang ng ulo si Doc! :p I even felt dizzy during the procedure.

My OB/GYN said that because 4D ultrasound emits heat, we had to stop to limit the baby's exposure. I was actually advised to come back the following week. She then did the pelvic ultrasound to check Baby Z’s development. She was initially worried because I wasn’t gaining the required weight. She was concerned that I might be taking my “strict diet” too seriously. But Baby Z’s size is still consistent with that of a 30-week fetus. After checking her size and heartbeat, she tried to check again if Baby Z would cooperate. Baby Z probably figured out that her Tatay and I could not afford to take another day off from work. Hahahaha! And so, voila! She gave us a glimpse of her chubby cheeks and busangot nguso!!!
Baby Z 4D Ultrasound
When this was being taken, Boyet mouthed, “Kamukha mo! Mukhang masungit din!!!”

This photo really cracked us up! When we went out of the room, Boyet said, “Parang ang laki laki ng problema ng anak natin?!” Nyahahahahaha!

Baby Z

I showed the clips to my younger brother. He said that Baby Z got my lips. My parents said that it looks like she also got my eyes. They still can’t decide if she had my nose or Boyet’s. Pareho naman kasi siyang talo kahit kaninong ilong pa ang manahin niya! =)) I have been praying for Baby Z to inherit her Tatay’s long and curly lashes. I guess we need to wait for a few more weeks to know if God granted my wish. Hahaha! But the most important thing is that she’s healthy. I’m just a bit worried because she’s currently in a breech position. My OB/GYN assured me that she still has time to move around. All we could do is to pray that things will get better as I reach my 36th week. We also talk to her to convince her to change positions. Her Tatay even tried to bribe her! ‘Yung matitipid daw namin sa normal vs CS delivery, ipambibili daw namin ng toys, clothes, shoes at books niya! Hahahahaha! :p


  1. Awwwwww, ang cute ni Baby Z! Parang ang tingin ko hawig ni Boyet, eh. Sana matupad yung wish mo about her lashes. Hehe. :)

  2. Ang cute ng inaanak ko. Busangot much. :) Very good yan. Lalabas yan sa tamang labasan in time. Very good na very good ang bebe na yan. Excited to carry you na my loves.

  3. Konting kembot na lang :) Dami ng fans club mo Baby Z!!!!


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