Restaurant Review: Kettle at SM Aura Premier

After a medical appointment in St. Luke’s Global a couple of weeks ago, Boyet and I decided to go to SM Aura to grab some lunch. My very strict husband didn’t want me to have long walks so he gave me no other choice but to just choose among the strip of restaurants in Sky Park. It’s the shortest possible walk because we went straight to the elevator from the basement parking. As soon as we reached the Sky Park, we just went inside the first restaurant that we still hadn’t tried at that time. That’s the reason behind why we chose to eat at Kettle that day! :p We initially looked at the menu, and the first thing that we noticed was the steep prices of their food. But since we could peek inside the restaurant, we saw that the servings of their food are very generous that’s why we decided to give it a go. Hindi rin masamang maging tsismosa paminsan-minsan! :p
I love the restaurant’s high ceiling which somehow gave the illusion that the place looks bigger than its actual size. I also liked the large glass windows surrounding the restaurant. We were there during lunch so I had ample natural light to make my photos look clearer even if I was just using a point-and-shoot camera. The windows, high ceiling, hanging lamps and the prominent colors of the interiors – black, white and red, gave the restaurant its maaliwalas vibe!

Choosing what to get from their menu was a tedious task because every single item sounds very appealing. That’s why we decided to seek the help of our server and asked what their bestsellers are.

To warm our tummies, we decided to try their clam chowder. Served on a bowl of sourdough bread, this clam chowder has got to be one of the best I have ever tasted. It’s creamy and seasoned to perfection. The clams are not fishy at all. And most importantly, the serving of the clams is very generous. We were getting equal amounts of clams, potatoes and other vegetables at every sip. Don’t you hate it when instead of getting clam chowder, you get potato chowder or carrots chowder, or the worst of all, flour chowder?! It’s definitely not the case with this one! Plus, you get a piece of the sourdough bread when you scrape through the bowl, adding a distinct texture to your bite.

DSCN0454Clam Chowder PHP259

The first thing that the waitress suggested to us when we asked for their bestsellers is their Buttermilk Fried Chicken. And when I looked around, every table in the restaurant has at least a plate of their fried chicken. By default, it is served with honey glazed cornbread. But we requested if they could replace it with rice instead.

I know that my photo can’t probably give justice to my claim, but the two pieces of chicken are extraordinarily humongous! I told my husband that we should just share, but he was very confident that he could finish it alone. But would you believe that we ended up sharing and that we even got to take home some of the leftovers?! So my photo may have lied but our appetites couldn’t!

DSCN0467Buttermilk Fried Chicken PHP559

Its size is not the only thing that this fried chicken can brag of. As expected from fried chicken cooked with buttermilk, Kettle’s version is undeniably juicy! It’s so juicy that Boyet even got an unexpected shower when the juices of the chicken suddenly squirted and landed to his face! Ligo ligo din kasi 'pag may time! Hahahaha! :p

The skin is very crispy, and the meat is tender. It’s served with two kinds of dip, but I think that it goes better with the gravy than the honey dip. The aroma of the rosemary is very evident. The chicken is quite tasty, although my husband and I agreed that some parts of the chicken’s core couldn’t stand alone without the help of the gravy.

Because my husband was adamant in getting a separate food for me (and the Little Kolokoy), I decided to get another bestseller – Shrimp Po’Boy. The Cajun breaded shrimps are sitting on a bed of ciabatta bread with lettuce and tomatoes in between. It is also served with fries on the side.

DSCN0472Shrimp Po’Boy PHP459

Because I shared the chicken with my husband, I only got to eat a couple of bites of this sandwich. The breaded shrimp is delicious. And surprisingly, they didn’t turn soggy even after we ate it at home hours after. The sandwich may have been okay, but the fries turned out to be a disappointment. It was very bland. The cut of the fries are thick so I was expecting them to season it more liberally.

Overall, our dining experience at Kettle was remarkable. If ever I find myself back, I would love to try their grilled cheese sandwich! =)

Level 5 SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

* All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3600

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  1. Ang cute nung clam chowder sa bread and the buttermilk Fried Chicken really looks delish!


  2. They're known for their buttermilk chicken, right? Looks yummy.

    Have you tried Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, sis? Meron sa SM Manila. Okay din yun, panalo sa lasa at presyo. I prefer the crispy version kasi yung breading lasang corn chips, kahit hindi na ako magrice solved na ako, complete meal na. Hehe. :)

  3. Yung ganyang soup would always remind me of French Baker :) Sa kanila ako unang nakakita ng ganyang set up so amazed na amazed ako initially hahaha

    I rarely frequent the area and from what I've been reading, the area is turning to a huge food strip. Great place and great food, next time sana matry ko


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