Building the Kolokoy Home: Shopping at Wilcon Depot

When the house was turned over to us last February 14, I didn’t realize that we still had a long way to go. By the last week of February, the construction of our house’s interiors was in full swing. Papa suggested that we buy the materials in a hardware store that is just a five-minute walk from our house. We got some really good deals because Papa’s friend knows the owner. The first time we purchased tons of plywood, my Tito (who happens to be in-charge of the construction) got a lot of freebies. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of things that can’t be bought in that store. We were initially planning to go to Soler, a place popular for selling anything related to house construction. I even researched for the routes, available parking spaces and all the information we needed for our visit. But on the eve of our planned visit, I got sick. I was taking meds that made me really nauseous. I asked Boyet to just go ahead and leave me behind, but he insisted that he wanted me to be with him. We needed to buy bidets (Oo, importante ang bidet sa bahay namin!!! :p), cabinet handles, LED lights and ceiling lamps. Baka daw kasi sisihin ko siya kapag panget ang napili niya. He then suggested that we go to Wilcon Depot instead. He already went there a few days before to buy a few pieces of tiles for the bathroom so he already had an idea. He told me that the things that we could buy in Soler are probably cheaper, but shopping at Wilcon Depot is way more convenient. Lalo na daw sa mga weakling na gaya ko! :p

Well, Wilcon Depot didn’t disappoint. It’s indeed a one-stop shop because they have everything you need. Plus, all their staff members are very efficient. We first went to the lights section because we wanted to use LED lights in our house. The staff members thoroughly explained to us each kind and each brand. We then went ahead to buy ceiling lamps. The choices are limitless – from the simple ones to those elegant chandeliers that will make you sing “I’m gonna swinggggggggg…” Hahaha!

The staff members are very knowledgeable of the products, even those that are not “assigned” to them. They are very friendly and very helpful, too! The guy who assisted us when we bought the ceiling lamps didn’t leave us. He offered to push our (very heavy) cart until we checked out!

Prices at Soler may have been cheaper, but shopping at Wilcon Depot proved to be a good idea. There is ample parking space. We got everything we needed in one store. We just threw everything in the cart and paid once. That meant that we just needed to keep one receipt in case there was a need to return the items. There was also no need to go outside in the middle of the summer heat just to transfer stores. Wilcon Depot is fully air-conditioned that’s why I was able to manage my nausea. They accept credit card payments, and they also have some sort of a rewards system so you keep earning points each time you purchase. I have to agree that there are other places that are better alternatives especially when you have to buy in bulk. Soler is good place. But then again, convenience has a price, too. Ayun, nawili si Boyet! Halos every week kung tumambay sa Wilcon! :p

I also noticed that their prices are cheaper compared with the hardware stores in the malls. But if we need to just buy a thing or two and we happen to be in the mall, we just go directly to Handyman or Ace Hardware. At sulit din lalo kapag naka-SALE sila. Hihi!


  1. Na-addict na sa Wilcon Depot :) I'm not sure if you are aware but you can take advantage of SM's mall wide sale... Usually there's additional 10% discount, on top of the automatic 10% discount, on the first two hours of the mall wide sale. We took advantage of this when we need to replace some furniture and equipment at home. Best about everything pa, you can reserve the day before ;) especially sa Ace Hardware. That way, you save time and nauna ka sa pila.

  2. Yay! Malapit na ang new house... Excited na excited na ko

  3. May gusto akong outdoor chair dyan sa Wilcon Depot, until now hindi ko pa mabili. Soon siguro. Naku, exciting and at the same time nakakaloka ang magpaayos ng house. Pero in the end, it's going to be okay. Lalo na pag satisfied ka sa results. Kaya naman, go lang ng go, sis. Excited na rin ako makabasa ng more updates mo about it. :)


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