Restaurant Review: The Wicked Waffle at SM Manila

I stopped going to SM City Manila a decade ago after I graduated from college. Studying in one of the universities in Intramuros, SM Manila is the closest mall to us. So imagine how surprised I was when I came back to SM Manila years after. There are now more restaurant choices which were not present when I was still in college. I remember getting so fed up at eating in Tokyo Tokyo, McDonalds, KFC and Wendy’s just because my friends and I had no other choice. Yes we could have gone to Robinsons Manila, but that would cost us a jeepney ride. (Mga poorita lang kasi kami kaya nilalakad lang namin ang SM Manila! :p)

Anyway, my husband and I came back to SM Manila last January to get his renewed driver’s license. After that, we roamed around to check out the restaurants. It took us a while to choose among the wide array of restaurant choices in the mall. (How I wished we had the same problem years ago!) But this brightly-lit restaurant with a very inviting vibe won our hearts!

The Wicked Waffle brags of serving breakfast meals all day. I seriously thank God for restaurants like The Wicked Waffle. Don’t you hate it when places limit people to eat breakfast until 10 AM only? Gusto ko ngang gumawa ng online protest para pilitin ang McDo na mag-serve ng Big Breakfast ng buong araw! Haha!

The ambiance at The Wicked Waffle is very welcoming. The chairs and tables are mostly white with the exception of some brown couches. Parts of the white walls are covered with graffiti which liven out the place even more. And the red accents on the counter brighten up the restaurant’s interior.

I checked out the menu and could not decide what to get. Of course I was convinced to try out their waffles, but I really had a hard time choosing from their menu. I had to rely to the thumbs-up sign on the menu, the icon used to signify The Wicked Waffle’s bestsellers/recommendations. That was when I finally decided to go with Chunkee Monkee!

The waffle alone is good by itself. But it became even better as it was topped with vanilla ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, granola crunch and caramel fudge. I chose this primarily because I love vanilla ice cream, and I knew that it would be perfect with the waffle. I was just a bit confused because what I think I got were pieces of corn flakes instead of the “granola crunch” that was noted on the menu. But overall, I enjoyed every bite of Chunkee Monkee!

DSCN0350Chunkee Monkee PHP170

And once again, my unorthodox husband stayed away from waffles and settled with tinapang bangus. We came to The Wicked Waffle way past lunch time so it was understandable that a plate of waffle would not be enough for my husband’s big appetite.

The bangus is surprisingly big! We both noticed the evident smoky flavor of the bangus. The saltiness is just perfect. Tinapang tinapa talaga ang lasa! Served with rice and fried eggs, this plate is the perfect breakfast for those who would be facing a big day! Look how big that bangus is!!!

DSCN0361Tinapang Bangus PHP200

I noticed that the clientele of The Wicked Waffle is diverse. During our visit, there were yuppies and casual diners. But the crowd is composed mainly of students. Some were obviously hanging out, but I saw a few who were seriously studying. How I really wish that The Wicked Waffle was already in place when I was still in college. I’m pretty sure that my best friends and I would have been regular customers!

The Wicked Waffle
Level 4
SM City Manila

* All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3600

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  1. Ang sarap dyan. It's also a fave kasi twice na kaming kumain dyan at twice nila binigyan ng banana si Skye. Mga around 6 months palang kasi sya nun at ayoko pa pakainin ng kung ano ano. :) We haven't been to SM Manila too. Makabalik nga.

  2. Yan ang hindi pa namin nata-try sa SM Manila! Kakatuwa, may magbubukas pa na Big Daddy's Burger (or bukas na ba?) na inaabangan na ng asawa ko. Wow, ang laki ng bangus, in peyrnes, parang good for two na! :)


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