Restaurant Review: Mu Noodle Bar at Glorietta 2

My husband and I took a day off from work to fix some papers related to our housing loan. We then took advantage of this break to check out appliances and furniture for The Kolokoy Home. We happened to be in Makati so we decided to have lunch in Glorietta. Working in BGC for more than three years, we only get to go to Greenbelt and Glorietta once in a blue moon. Already unfamiliar with the place, we just decided to walk around looking for a restaurant “interesting” enough for us to try.

We spotted Mu Noodle Bar. It was a bit dark from the outside so we initially thought that the place was empty. It was only until one of the staff members opened the door for us when we finally realized that there were a few people inside.

The black and brown fixtures, hanging lamps and dim lighting somehow gave this restaurant a quite relaxing vibe. It was past lunch time on a Monday so the place was quiet. Because of this, our orders were served to us in an instant.

When you try out their noodles, you have the choice between ramen or udon noodles. For the stock, you can choose among miso, soy or milk. We wanted to have rice that day so we skipped trying out their noodle dishes. But because we wanted something to warm up our tummies, we asked the server if we could instead have the “extra soup” from their menu. For only PHP90, we got this very tasty soy-based soup. It was very evident that the stock is infused with different kinds of herbs. After a few sips, we both agreed that it was starting to become a bit salty. That made us really curious how it would taste with the noodles.

DSCN0370 Soup PHP90

We were so surprised when the fried rice was served to us. For only PHP260, this generous serving of beef fried rice is already a steal! Isang bandehado! Nagtataka kami bakit ayaw maubos! Hahaha! We both liked the fried rice. It’s very tasty, and it’s not oily at all. Who needs ulam when you have this?

DSCN0374Beef Fried Rice PHP260

We got to try their very flavorful Black Tofu with Pork. The pork strips are very tender, with the perfect amount of fats in it. I don’t know what they put in it, but the slices of tofu can actually disguise as pork strips, too! It also has bean sprouts which added texture to the dish. I loved how all the various flavors of the different elements of this dish worked perfectly in giving our taste buds such a treat! Guests also have the choice to have this dish with beef instead of pork.

DSCN0392 Black Tofu with Pork PHP230

Now, Mu Noodle Bar’s Sweet and Spicy Spareribs has got to be my favorite among all the dishes served to us! Each piece of the spareribs is generously coated with a sweet and spicy sauce. The meat is tender, and the sauce has the perfect balance of sweetness, spiciness and saltiness. The sesame seeds toppings add a nutty flavor to this dish. Ang sarap, promise! This is my kind of comfort food!

DSCN0388 Sweet and Spicy Spareribs PHP280

Mu Noodle Bar
Level 2 Glorietta 2,
Ayala Center, Makati City

* All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3600

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