Movie Review: Crazy Beautiful You

I already lost count of how many times that someone asked me if I already watched Crazy Beautiful You. I fell ill on the first weekend of its showing, but I finally got to see it last Thursday. I am not really a big KathNiel fan (Ok, fine! Slight lang! :p), but I started to like them in G2B. I really had very high expectations with this movie because 1) I actually liked them in She's Dating the Gangster (Don't judge me!!! Hahaha!) and 2) everybody around me was telling me how good it is!

Joie: Uy, girl! Super ganda!!! Grabe!!! Sigurado ako maiiyak ka!
Officemate 1: Grabe, Je! Panoorin mo na! Ang galing galing ni Daniel!
Officemate 2: Ate, napanood mo na ba ‘yung Crazy Beautiful You? Nakakakilig, promise!

As clearly depicted from the movie trailers, Jackie (Kathryn Bernardo) is the rebellious daughter who was forcefully sent to a medical mission in Zambales. There, he would meet Kiko (Daniel Padilla) who happens to be the illegitimate son of a mayor.

Let’s get on the positive points first.

Jeff and Joie were more than happy to accompany me and Boyet (siyempre late si Boyet). Believe it or not, it was already Joie’s third time to watch it. I think it was Jeff’s second time. I can understand Joie because she is a big Kathniel fan, but Jeff?! Before I proceed with my “review”, allow me first to tell you why the fact that Jeff watched a Tagalog movie twice was a big surprise for me. First, Jeff is a man of few words. Very, very, very few words, actually! Second, he is not familiar with local actors so I’m pretty sure that he only gets to watch local movies because of Joie. Third and the most important of all, it’s very difficult to make him laugh! But I saw how much he enjoyed watching the movie the second time around. Tumatawa siya!!! And I am pretty sure that he watched it not only because he loves Joie! Haha! Lalayo pa ba ako, e si Boyet nga tawa rin ng tawa. Huwag na natin pag-usapan si Joie. Hindi kasi pwedeng mag-picture sa loob ng sinehan pero para siyang emoticon na tumatawa tapos may heart-heart sa eyes all throughout the movie! =)) In short, the movie is undeniably funny! It may not be worthy of an Oscars, but it is definitely one helluva entertaining movie! Lumabas ako ng sinehan na ngawit na ngawit ang panga ko kakatawa!

Kathryn Bernardo has definitely grown as an actress. I remember cringing while watching one of her earlier films. But now, oh my! She’s really good. My husband told me, “Ang galing ng umiyak ni Kathryn ngayon, ‘no?!” She definitely showed more depth in acting. For me, she was successful in transitioning her persona from a rebellious and selfish brat to someone who is helpless and vulnerable. And more importantly, there was no sign of her being intimidated when put side by side with Lorna Tolentino! And let’s not forget how gorgeous she is on the big screen. Akin na lang yung abs mo ‘teh!!! :p

Hay naku, Daniel Padilla! I already knew that he could act, but he is a different kind of an actor now. Sanay ako na palagi siyang maangas o kaya palaging galit. So seeing the way he attacked his role as Kiko was truly refreshing. It was probably the first time that I’ve seen him as a multi-faceted actor. Bagay na jologs slash jejemon! I didn’t know that he had a knack for comedy! But it didn’t end there. I had never seen Daniel show such vulnerability until this movie! I think the breakdown/confrontation scene of Lorna and Kathryn lasted for more or less 5 minutes. A lump formed in my throat and I felt like I was about to cry. Pero umatras ‘yung luha ko. But when it was Daniel’s turn to confront his father, grabe! Ang ikli ng scene pero tagos hanggang skull! It was soon followed by a scene with his mother (Assunta de Rossi). Nagtitimpla lang ng kape tapos umiiyak! Hanep lang! Tulo uhog ako e! =)) 

Lorna Tolentino is and will always be Lorna Tolentino! Grabe walang kupas! Same thing goes with Gabby Concepcion, of course. The supporting cast did well, too. Although I felt like his potential as an actor could have been explored more, Inigo Pascual actually exceeded my expectations.  May talent naman ang bagets. Magaling ‘yung mata ng bata, anak nga siya ni Piolo! Feeling ko gagaling pa siya lalo. Most of the supporting cast are seasoned actors. But believe it or not, two newcomers beat their asses off. If you have already watched it, I’m talking about those two Aeta girls! Ayyyy grabe! They are very natural, and they are too cute for words. Jenny, the little girl with big hair, is hilarious! I was laughing non-stop during her last few scenes with Daniel Padilla!

The location is simply enchanting. I won’t comment on the cinematography and all the technical stuff that I know nothing about, but I think that the movie was able to capture the beauty of the location. And the song… Nothing’s gonna stop us nowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I might be biased because that is probably my favorite videoke song. Hahaha! But each time it’s played, everybody inside the cinema was squealing!

Is there something in the movie that I didn’t like? Yes. Sobra sobra ang eksenang may slow motion!!! I mean, I get it that it’s necessary, but I felt like it was overdone. There were moments when it made me really kilig. Kasi kapag in love ka, talaga namang may slow motion eklavu. But there were parts in the movie that I could not help but cringe.

The main selling point of the movie is undoubtedly the chemistry of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. I went to see the movie hoping that I would be getting a much needed dose of kilig. The movie didn’t disappoint because it certainly delivered in that aspect. But what surprised me the most was how the movie affected me as an ordinary moviegoer. Yes, the story is already a cliché – rebel girl meets a boy who would later on change her, boy unknowingly realizes that he needs changing too, illegitimate kid finally gets recognized, parent abandons the kid then they later on reconcile. I may have seen something similar before, but the magic of the movie lies behind how the tiny details tied together all these clichés. I was expecting it to be JUST a typical love story. But I appreciate the fact that the movie focused more on family. It speaks about forgiveness and being selfless. While I was watching the movie, it felt like an emotional roller coaster ride. Patatawanin ako ng pagka jologs ni Daniel at kakulitan nila Jenny at Sheena, tapos biglang iiyak na lang ako?! Baliw lang ang peg! Hindi ko akalaing maiiyak ako sa pagtitimpla ng kape ni Daniel! =))

Was it worth the money? I have to say YES. (Si Joie siguro ang tanungin natin bilang tatlong beses na niyang napanood pero willing pa siyang umulit!) I hate it when people automatically assume that all local movies are basura. Crazy Beautiful You may not be a fresh concept, but it’s a good watch.

Now, my problem is how to take of Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now out of my head!!! =))


  1. Nothing's gonna stop now is also one of my favorite songs, it's on my ipod actually. And when I heard it on TFC tapos may KathNiel napaisip ako kung sino kumanta.. sino nga ba kumanta? infernes, maganda ang kanyang version. Gusto ko din mapanood yan.. parang mature actors na nga sila based sa trailer, naiintriga ako. :)

  2. HIndi pa ako nakapanuod! Sabi ng SIL at MIL ko maganda nga daw. Tapos eto nga sa review mo, positive na positive. It's good to know nag-improve pa ang KathNiel ngayon. Nagustuhan ko kasi sila sa She's Dating a Gangster movie dati. :)


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