Restaurant Review: Kaya Korean Restaurant at Glorietta 2

I once mentioned from a previous post that I asked my younger brother to help me in buying a new laptop. He bought his in Glorietta so he suggested that we check it out. Thinking that I needed to “pay” him for his services, my husband suggested that we treat him to lunch. We went to Glorietta 2, where most of the electronics shops are located, and just chose among the restaurants there. I let my brother decide, and we settled with Kaya Korean Restaurant. It was only my second time to eat at Kaya. The first time was years ago when Boyet and I were still dating!

We went on December 29. It was a working day and Christmas was over so the mall was not as busy as it was days ago. Kaya was also not that busy on that day. We immediately scored a table. Our food was also served in no time.

Abes has a very big appetite. (Translation: Sobrang takaw ng kapatid ko!) That’s why I was quite surprised when he asked me if we could share in a bowl of bibimbap. He told me that the serving is already good for two people. And he’s right! The bowl deceivingly looks so small, but it seems like it is bottomless! We got a serving of rice, assorted vegetables, ground beef and egg. I love the crunch of the bean sprouts and the generous serving of nori. And just like how you usually eat bibimbap, we put tons of chili paste!

Bibimbap, Kaya Korean Restaurant, korean Bibimbap PHP260

Three kinds of appetizers were served to us. I am not sure if these were complimentary or included with the bibimbap. The serving is not unlimited, in case you’re curious. Haha! :p

DSCN0197 Side Dishes

Anyway, my brother and I loved the green thingy. I am not sure if it’s pickled cucumbers, but it sure went very well with the bibimbap! Its subtle saltiness added another depth of flavor in the bibimbap.

Out of my fear that the bibimbap will not be enough for my brother, I decided to get something to go along with it. Since the bibimbap already has ground beef, I opted to have the Dak Bulgogi. This grilled spicy chicken looks very unassuming. I was quite disappointed when I saw that it came in a tiny sizzling plate. But I certainly did underestimate these little creatures! Every piece is packed with different layers of flavors. Just like me, Abes also loves spicy dishes so he definitely gave this dish a thumbs up. Surprisingly, my husband, who is not the biggest fan of spicy food, also liked this dish!

Dak Bulgogi, korean, Kaya Korean Restaurant Dak Bulgogi PHP230

Ever since Boyet tried the galbitang from Sariwon a couple of years ago, it would be the first thing that he’d look for in the menu. He attempted to try it at Ye Dang, but it was not available on the day we visited. That’s why he didn’t think twice when he saw kalbitang in Kaya’s menu. We actually discussed what’s the difference between kalbitang and galbitang. We’re thinking it’s just the same thing based from the English translation. Bwahaha! Baka parang balut at balot lang?! :p

Kaya Korean Restaurant, korean, galbitang, kalbitang Kalbitang PHP280

My husband loves soups! He will surely get one if present in the menu. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why he fell in love with this specific Korean dish. Although he claims that Sariwon’s version tastes better, this one is still very good. I loved the richness of the stock. I could definitely taste all the beefy goodness at every sip!

Whether it’s a mainstream like Kaya or a hole in the wall type, it has always been a delight for us to eat in a Korean restaurant. Oh my! Now I’m craving for samgyeopsal! :p

Kaya Korean Restaurant
Level 2 Glorietta 2
Ayala Center, Makati

* All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3600

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  1. Maganda naman pala ang point and shoot cam mo. :)

  2. Nagutom ako... yun lang hahaha I've seen Kaya pero most of the time, the poorita in me always go for the food court star Mr. Kim Bob :) The Dak Bulgogi : nakakatakam!!!


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