Hello, guys! I’m really sorry for failing to post a Kolokoy Household entry. I was just extremely tired, and I didn’t have the time to post one. In case you missed it, I had a very packed weekend leading to my 31st birthday. O yeah, this lola turned 31 years old last Monday! Although I get so kilig when people say that I could still pass for a 16-year-old, my internal organs are speaking another language. Hahaha! Proof to that is the fact that I got really exhausted over the weekend. I am planning to create separate posts for my newest gastronomic discoveries and our latest staycation, but for now, allow me to have a rundown of what transpired over the weekend leading to my birthday.


1. I finally got the chance to meet Edel!

Okay, I can’t remember when our “virtual” friendship really started. But we have been constantly leaving comments at each other’s blog since last year. I love reading her weekend stories. And I definitely admire her strength and faith! I had to meet her because I needed to hand her the GC that she won from the Stella and Rocket Room giveaway which I hosted last year. We agreed to meet last Saturday at Robinsons Place Manila after my appointment with a dentist. What’s supposed to be a casual meeting turned out to be a getting-to-know-each-other slash non-stop chikahan session. I am naturally shy. People close to me can attest to that. But I was so surprised that everything came out naturally when we met. Parang ang tagal na naming magkakilala! Meeting a fellow blogger and reader for the first time is actually like meeting your long lost friend. Hahaha! Anyway, she blogged about it here. Sinabi niyang kamukha ko si Kathryn Bernardo at prettier in person daw ako. Tapos, binigyan pa niya ako ng lengua de gato! Bwahahahaha! Ang swerte ko lang talaga. It was actually a nice way to jumpstart my birthday celebration. I do hope to meet more of my readers and fellow bloggers this year. =)

2. Freebies!

Joie had been bugging me to try going to Lay Bare Waxing Salon. I was so scared to try waxing in general, but she finally convinced me to give it a try late last year. I went to Lay Bare last Saturday because I wanted to feel extra sexy for my birthday. (Charot! Hahaha!) Anyway, I always go there to have my lower legs waxed. As I was about to pay, the cashier told me that I am entitled to a 20% discount. And I also have a free eyebrow threading session which I can claim until January 31. Hihihi.

3. The Kolokoy Home

After so many delays, we’re actually seeing some hope that our own house will be turned over to us on the first quarter of this year. We paid it a visit last Saturday, and we told the developer that they have two weeks to finish everything. Haha! After that, we’re planning to fix the interiors before we can finally move in. Ang sarap lang ng feeling. ‘Yung lahat ng lakwatsa at shopping na na-sacrifice namin, nakita na namin ‘yung end result. My husband even told me that he imagined what our life would be when we move in to our house. Since our visit last Saturday, I think 80% of our conversations revolve around the construction of our house. I even caught him doing some sketches for my future kitchen. Harharharhar! Ang saya saya lang, promise! Sulit ang ilang taon na pagtitipid. =)

4. A Visit to St. Pio Chapel

I discovered St. Pio Chapel through my friends Abby and Nanet, and Edel as well. I have been going there to hear mass or simply to pray and light candles for my intentions. But my visit last Sunday, the eve of my birthday, was different. I usually go to that place to ask for something. And in all of my previous visits, I came with a heavy heart. But that day, I just felt that I needed to come back there to let God know that I am actually fine. I wanted to let Him know how grateful I am for giving me an awesome 30 years. I came there to let Him know that I am ready to face my 31st year with a stronger faith and a braver heart.

5. Staycation

Except for having dinner with my family on my birthday, I didn’t have any other plans. But my husband asked me if we could either go out of town or go on a staycation for my birthday. I wasn’t in the mood to plan for an out of town trip, so I decided to just book for a hotel room two days before our planned stay.

I slept from 3:30 – 6:30 PM then 12:00 to 8:00 AM! Uninterrupted sleep, gahhhh! My husband and I had our much needed and much deserved break. But more than the staycation, what I loved more was the fact that I got to spend quality time with my husband. I remember getting really irritated every time his phone rang while we were in Boracay. I don’t know how he did it, but he didn’t get any work-related calls during our staycation. Puro text lang, hahaha!

This also gave me ample time to think. During my quiet moments in the four corners of our hotel room, I realized how blessed I am. There may be some aspects in my life where I feel like something is lacking, but God always makes me feel that I am blessed in other ways beyond my understanding. I had the luxury to spend some time for introspection. I look back and see how ungrateful I have been. I want this, I want that. I plan this, I plan that. I need this and that to be done by this and that time. It’s always I. It has always been about ME. But as I look back, I realized that God’s delays are actually going in my favor. I know it’s already a cliché, but I fully understand now the importance of being obedient and trusting His timing.

6. Food trip and more freebies!

Next to sleeping, the next thing which kept me really busy during my birthday break was… CHEWING! Kain ako ng kain! We had lunch at an eat-all-you-can restaurant before we checked in to the hotel. Much to our surprise, I got to eat for free because it’s the eve of my birthday. Bwahahaha! Nakatipid si Boyet! Plus, Boyet enjoyed it as much as I did. Actually, I think he enjoyed it more! Akala mo baranggay tanod sa pag-ikot sa buffet tables! :p For dinner, we had fries and chicken wings! The following day, we devoured on the hotel’s breakfast buffet. We were too full so we had lunch at 3PM! And to cap off my birthday celebration, we had dinner with the entire Kolokoy Household! Sa dami ng nakain ko, dumami lalo ang backlogs ng food posts ko!!! :p

I actually planned to take some days off because I wanted to look back and examine my first 30 years of existence. During my very short break, I felt like my heart is simply overwhelming with happiness and gratefulness. I make it a point to have some personal time off from work on my birthdays. I was actually asked by my team mate what my plans were for my birthday. I told her, “Wala. Nag-leave lang ako kasi kelangan ko ng isang buong araw para magmukmok dahil 31 na ako!!!” I was just kidding, of course! Hindi ako nagmukmok. I actually spent three days living like a 16-year-old – carefree and naïve of life’s bullshits! I love being 31! I am embracing it with so much joy! There may be things which are not going according to my plans, but how can I complain if I am being surrounded by a wonderful husband, a caring family and awesome friends? And how can I forget my very supportive readers? I truly appreciate all your birthday greetings, your well wishes and most importantly, your prayers! I love being a part of this small community as much as I love being 31! =)


  1. Belated happy birthday, Je! I really enjoyed our short meetup and chikahan. Indeed, you are very blessed and things can only get better. You know, I used to be a worrier/pessimist. But I guess malaking tulong talaga sa akin ang husband ko (na stronger ang faith sa taas kesa sakin!), ang blog kong Life in Manila where I got to meet many wonderful people virtually, ang mga enlightening/strengthening experiences ko the past years, the good blogs I've come across (yours included!) and the bloggers behind them that are just so warm and inspiring. Positive na ako ngayon, although minsan nai-stress pa rin which I think is normal naman. Basta, I always keep saying to myself that my God is bigger than my worries. It always has a powerful effect on me. And of course, good vibes lang lagi. So good vibes pa more! Haha. :)

    P.S. Excited na ako sa move-in nyo sa bago nyong house. I also look forward to more "Je Tries to Cook" posts kapag naayos na ang Boyet-designed kitchen mo. Hehe. :)

  2. Nice. Such a busy birthday. Sama mo naman kami sa staycationnnsss nyo!!! hahahah!

  3. I also went to St Pio when I was pregnant with my twins. Nagnovena talaga ko sa kanya and was really thankful kasi binigay nya yung hiniling ko to have healthy babies! And by the way you don't look 31! Happy Birthday!

  4. Belated happy birthday! Akala ko nagpabrazilian ka hahaha

    More blogging opportunities and i'm looking forward to see your new home in your future blog posts :)


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