Review: Famous Belgian Waffles at SM Manila

I first learned about the Famous Belgian Waffles through my husband. He told me that he got really curious because of the long queue of people inside their office building. And this was a view he got used to seeing every single day. So he asked one of his office mates what the buzz was all about. That was when he discovered that the crowd was lining up for waffles!

He kept on telling me about it. And in return, I kept on asking him to buy one for me so I could try it. But it took him months before he successfully bought a piece of waffle! =)) Ganun daw ka-OA ang pila!

Anyway, my husband needed to renew his driver’s license so we went to SM Manila on his birthday. Thinking the processing will take a while, I decided to look for a place to wait. The first stall I saw was that of Famous Belgian Waffles’.

Famous Belgian Waffles, SM Manila, waffles, coffee, Malaysian coffee
I was thinking that it wasn’t a good place to have a food stall given that it’s in the top level of the mall. But then I realized that both DFA and LTO are in that floor! So I guess you need something to munch on while waiting in line. (I’m not saying that our government services are slow, okay? :p)

I wasn’t expecting the place to be really crowded since I was there on a Friday, just a few minutes after the mall opened. I scored a seat and immediately placed my orders. I was so surprised that people started to line up as soon as I got seated! There was only one person manning the booth, which made me think that Ate was a superhero! She even had to deal with an old woman who kept on insisting that she ordered something else which was not the one being served to her. (In case you’re curious, the old woman really made a mistake when she placed her orders. I heard her! Gusto ko nga sanang sumabat e! :p)

I decided to have their Banana Hazelnut Waffle. And because I was really sleepy (I could not sleep because I was planning to surprise Boyet the following day), I also had a cup of their Malaysian coffee.

Famous Belgian Waffles, SM Manila, waffles, coffee, Malaysian coffeeBanana Hazelnut PHP55
Malaysian Coffee PHP35

I liked their waffles because, well, they taste like real waffles. I know you will agree with me that a lot of the waffles that can be bought in food stalls taste more like a hybrid between breads and pancakes. The waffles from Famous Belgian Waffles have the perfect thickness and crunchiness. I also loved the fact that I got a generous amount of the bananas and the hazelnut spread.

Famous Belgian Waffles, SM Manila, waffles, coffee, Malaysian coffee
I don’t know why, but I love Malaysian coffee! Our coffee at home is a Malaysian brand. So even if the one I got from Famous Belgian Waffles is just instant coffee, I didn’t mind at all. It tastes way better than those overpriced coffee from those overrated coffee shops. Haha! :p

Famous Belgian Waffles
Level 5 SM City Manila
Ermita Manila

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  1. Uy favorite ko 'to!!! I observe you frequent SM Manila, baka minsan nagkakasabay or salubong na tyo. Madalas din ako diyan because my work is mga 10 kembot lang :)

    I also renewed my passport in the same satellite office. What time was your schedule? Mine was early morning, not that fast pero manageable naman ang waiting time.


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