KDrama Review: High School King of Savvy

High School King of Savvy (a.k.a. King of High School Life Conduct, King of High School, High Schooler King of Life) was once again recommended to me by Mitch. I once saw an advertisement of this KDrama on one of the cable TV channels, but I didn't pay enough attention. My interest was finally piqued as soon as Mitch told me the premise of the story.

Lee Min-Seok (Seo In-Guk) is a happy-go-lucky teenager who had to live a double life – a high school student and a director for a big corporation. Things got more interesting when Lee Min-Seok meets Jung Soo-Young (Lee Ha-Na), an employee from the same company who is ten years his senior.

High School King of Savvy is one of the funniest KDramas I have ever watched. Even my husband, who is not fond of watching these kinds of stuff, got hooked to it because it is very entertaining. The strange, and most of the time exaggerating acts of the cast members, turn out to be very amusing rather than annoying. There were a lot of times when I could not contain my laughter with Lee Min-Seok’s childish acts and Jung Soo-Young’s clumsiness. But the same credit must also go to the supporting cast! Lee Min-Seok’s best friends are extremely funnnneeeeh! Imagine the kind of riot to be in the company of three high school boys. Batukan, sipaan, asaran, kulitan! Lee Min-Seok’s officemates, specifically Team Leader Kim Chang-Soo (Jo Han-Chul) and Managing Director Han Young-Seok (Kim Won-Hae ) are just as funny! Their expressions and mannerisms are over the top hilarious! Dolphy-Babalu level!

High School King of Savvy can also brag of being able to affect the viewers on the show’s tender moments. Lee Min-Seok’s grandfather, who was suffering from dementia, surely brought some tears to my eyes. It's also touching to see how Lee Min-Seok loves the family who treated him and his older brother as if they were really their own. It also tackled about the struggles of Yoo Jin-Woo (Lee Soo-Hyuk) to be recognized by his own father, who happens to treat him like just some random mistake he committed from the past. But more importantly, the show dealt about forgiveness. High School King of Savvy is funny yet very heartwarming. And yes, nakakakilig din!!! I HEART Lee Min-Seok na! Chos! :p

Although the ending was a bit predictable, the events that led to the finale were still a bit surprising. I imagined other choices the lead actors could have chosen, but I guess High School King of Savvy just wants to prove that you can have love and a good future without sacrificing one or the other. I was just trying to be realistic, thinking that one has to take precedence over the other. But well, the ending is just as sweet. It was a bit anticlimactic, though. But then again, most of the KDramas I have watched are like that -  ending the series two episodes later than it should have ended. Hehe.

Now I am wondering whether this will be shown here in the Philippines. Whoever gets it, sana naman ok ang dubbing. Harharhar! :p

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