Kolokoy Household: Episode 47

The past week was like one helluva rollercoaster ride. I found out that one of my blog posts was plagiarized by someone I know. But the support I got from friends and readers was just overwhelming. (See post here.) I really want to leave that bad experience behind and welcome an entire new week with positivity. And I guess the best way to do it is through a Kolokoy Household post. Don’t you agree?


Last week as I was about to leave the office, I saw an old guy who got out of the elevator. He transferred to the other side, but we don’t have access to the elevators on that side. He asked me how to get to the 17th floor. I told him to go down to the 7th floor, and then transfer to the other side where elevators have access to the 17th floor. I told my husband what the old guy told me while we were inside the elevator.

Me: Alam mo ba baby, tinanong niya sa’kin, “Miss, what’s in that floor? (He was referring to our office.) Is that a school?!”
Boyet: Hahahaha! Anong sabi mo?
Me: Sabi ko lang, “No, Sir. That’s an office.”
Boyet: Hanggang ngayon napagkakamalan ka pa ring estudyante!
Me: Tapos sakto pa, naka dress ako, loafers at backpack! Hehehe
Boyet: Alam mo ako din ganyan e. Lagi rin napagkakamalang school ‘yung office namin.
Me: Echosero!
Boyet: Lagi nga lang akong napagkakamalang principal!


I just noticed that the Old Navy store at Bonifacio High Street is now operational. (Ako na ang late reaction! Hahaha!)

Me: Ay bukas na pala ‘tong Old Navy!
Boyet: Oo nga ‘no!
Me: Wehh? Alam mo ba ‘yang Old Navy?!
Boyet: Oo naman! Diyan nilalagay ‘yung mga luma ng Army Navy!


marian-rivera-engagement-proposal Image taken from here

We were in my in-laws' house on the weekend that Dingdong Dantes proposed to Marian Rivera on national TV. I didn’t have internet access so I only found out about the news the following day.

Me: Wow, Baby! Ikakasal na pala sina Marian at Dingdong!
Boyet: Ano?! May pangatlo pang Mrs. Real?!
Me: Pfffffffttttttttttt!!!


Boyet asked me why I was washing my lunch box even if I already washed it in the office.

Me: Ang tapang kasi ng sabon sa office. Naglalasang sabon ‘yung pagkain ko e.
Boyet: Oo nga e. Huhugasan ko rin ‘yung sa’kin. Dapat kasi gumawa sila ng dishwashing soap na lasang bulalo e! Para hindi na tayo nagrereklamo!
Me: Bwahahahaha!


Mama Kolokoy is not very good in remembering names. She gets really confused especially with names of actors. I remember one time when Papa Kolokoy got her more confused when she could not remember Jack Nicholson. So Papa said things like, Jack Nicholas, Nicholson Cage and Jack Cage. Hahaha!

One time, Mama forgot John Regala. Boyet and I already knew that she was referring to John Regala, but the Kolokoy Household is much happier when we’re bullying Mama Kolokoy. Hihi.

Me: Hindi ko napanood ‘yung Hawak-Kamay kagabi. Anong nangyari.
Mama: Ayun, lumabas na si ano… Si John.
Boyet: John Lapus?
Mama: Siraulo! Hindi! ‘Yung Iglesia.
Me: Val Iglesias?
Mama: Hindi!!! Iglesia ni Cristo yata kasi ‘yun. Pero John nga!
Boyet: Ah, John Estrada?
Mama: Ang gulo niyo e!!!
Me: Hehehehe! John Regala kasi ‘yun!


Mama and Papa went out on a date last Saturday. As soon as they arrived, Mama started telling me how their date went.

Mama: Kumain kami sa Bonchon.
Me: Hindi ako nasasarapan sa chicken dun e.
Mama: Ah, nag BULGAGI ako.
Mama: BULGAGO ba?
Papa: Hahahaha!
Mama: Hindi nga? BULGAGI ‘yun e.

Enjoy the rest of the week! =)

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  1. Impernes sa BULGAGI tawang tawa ako! :) nyahahahahaha



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