Restaurant Review: Tamarind at SM Aura Premier

Boyet and I, along with Jeff and Joie, had a spontaneous Thursday date night a few weeks ago. Joie could not stop raving about Tamarind, a Thai restaurant at SM Aura Premier. She gladly agreed when I asked her if she was willing to go back so we could give it a try.

I remember passing by this restaurant when we went to Ramen Nagi. It looks a bit unassuming with its dim lighting (that explains my not-so-good photos, sorry hihi) and monochromatic interiors. Little did I know that this simple yet elegant restaurant would give us a wonderful gastronomic experience.

Because it was already the second time of Jeff and Joie, we decided to let them lead in deciding what to get for dinner. Their first suggestion was a curry dish. They had red curry on their first visit, so we opted to try yellow curry instead. Guests can choose from chicken, beef and fish fillet, but we settled for beef.

DSC_1654 Kaeng Lieng (Beef) PHP330

I am not the biggest fan of curry dishes. As a matter of fact, I kind of hate curry. But I have learned to tolerate it over the years. Trying out various curry dishes from different restaurants, I started to appreciate it. And so far, this beef curry from Tamarind is one of the best I’ve ever had. The beef is very tender. The strong flavor of the curry was very evident which was complemented by a hint of sweetness. My only complaint was that a couple of potato strips were undercooked. But other than that, this beef curry surely left a mark on my taste buds!

Another recommendation from Jeff and Joie is the Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts.

DSC_1673Gai Pad Met (Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts) PHP285

Ow-em-geeehhh!!! This dish was the bomb, literally and figuratively! The chicken almost gives that melts-in-your-mouth sensation. Mix that with the sweet and savory sauce, that fiery heat from the chilies, and that crunch and sweet kick from the cashews! It was like a symphony of different flavors having a party inside my mouth. It was that good!

My husband, being his usual I-need-soup-every-meal kind of self, suggested we try Tom Yum. It actually made sense because Tom Yum is one of Thai’s signature dishes.

DSC_1656 Tom Yum (Mixed Seafood) PHP340

Tom Yum is like a version of our local sinigang. Tom Yum has distinct sour and spicy flavors which probably come from the lime and lemongrass. Every sip of its flavorful soup has a unique kick which left us sweaty (Haha!) yet wanting for more!

What’s the point of coming to a Thai restaurant without trying Pad Thai? This was actually a late addition. Thinking that the food we initially ordered would not be enough for four foodies with humungous appetites, I asked the group if they were willing to try Tamarind’s Pad Thai.

DSC_1666Pad Thai (Prawns) PHP250

The sweet and sour flavors of the tamarind are very evident, both in the taste and the aroma of this dish. Aside from its rich flavor, the texture of the nuts and fried eggs toppings brought so much joy to my palates. Never ever miss the chance to try this out in case you find yourself giving Tamarind a visit.

Food is great. Service is very fast and efficient. Some may say that the prices are steep, but you will definitely get your money’s worth. So the next time you’re at SM Aura, make sure to add this on your “restaurants to try” list. =)

Level 5 SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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