Restaurant Review: LZM Restaurant

Our latest trip to Tagaytay was one of those spur of the moment trips. Lately, my husband and I no longer have the luxury to plan and execute long trips. I know that this is only temporary because when the circumstances we’re currently in improve, we’ll be back in creating more trips together. But then again, every day with my husband is already an adventure. So whether it’s an overly planned trip or just the bahala-na-si-batman kind of a getaway, I would still enjoy it as long as I am with the right company. (Chumee-cheesy na ang introduction, awat na! :p)

We left Manila around 8 AM, missed the Sta. Rosa exit (daldalan kasi ng daldalan), got lost again trying to get back to SLEX, and finally arrived in Tagaytay a little past 10 AM. We could not believe what we went through given the fact that we have been to Tagaytay countless of times before. Akala ko aabot na kami ng Romblon! =))

Anyway, we went to the place where we would be spending the night. But we were informed that they were still preparing our room. That gave us ample time to drive around the area and look for a place to eat. Because this trip is one of those rare moments where I didn’t have a plan, I told my husband to just keep driving until we find a place to eat. Both Leslie’s and Josephine’s were out of the equation as my husband wanted to try out something new. We initially dropped by Cliffhouse. Most of the restaurants were still closed and hubby specifically wanted to eat bulalo. Bakit nga naman daw kami nagpunta ng Tagaytay para kumain ng hamburger, pizza at steaks?! Ang sungit! =)) Anyway, we left the place and after driving for a few minutes, my eyes caught the words “bulalo”, “lutong bahay” and “LZM Restaurant”.

Only one table was occupied when we arrived. But shortly after, the place was packed! Most of the guests came in big groups, probably because the food serving in LZM is really big. Well, we learned this the hard way. :p

DSC_1441Bulalo PHP470

We got their bulalo because that’s what we came there for. What caught us off guard was the humungous serving of their bulalo! ‘Yung parang wala ng bukas. @_@

There was a generous serving of meat and vegetables. You can actually request for the soup to be refilled. I like that the meat is fork tender, the bone marrow gives the melt-in-your-mouth sensation and the soup is tasty. What I didn’t like is the fact that the meat is just pure meat. I told Boyet that this looks like the bulalo of the health-conscious. Again, it is good but it doesn’t have the “kick” that we were hoping for. The following day, we actually found what we were looking for. Watch out for my succeeding posts! =)

Aside from the bulalo, we also got to try their tortang talong. The way this was served is quite different from the one I grew up with. Mama prepares tortang talong with ground pork. LZM’s version only has three giant eggplants and eggs. This may look like a simple dish, but hubby and I agreed that it's surprisingly good. And oh, I must mention that I loved the ketchup that was served with it! :p

DSC_1447 Tortang Talong PHP180

We really had a good time at LZM Restaurant. Turnaround time is very fast and all the staff members are very attentive. We didn’t need to ask for ice, water and iced tea refills because they were already serving us even before we ask. And speaking of iced tea, hubby and I loved it! I think I had 5 glasses! Probably more! =))

I saw an award hanging on the wall of LZM Restaurant. I think they were recognized for serving the best daing na bangus. Too bad I saw it after we placed our orders.

In case you are planning to go to LZM Restaurant, it’s more sulit if you go with a big group. Or if not, just go with an empty (more like bottomless) tummy! =)

LZM Restaurant
Level 2 Magallanes Square,
Aguinaldo Highway,
Tagaytay City

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