Hotel Review: Crimson Hotel

Alabang is always on top of our list when we want to run away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. Just half an hour drive away from Manila, having a staycation in Alabang gives me that same feeling of exclusivity I get when I go to a province without losing the accessibility to restaurants and malls. It’s like you’re still in Manila, only the quieter version. :p

Boyet and I stayed in Acacia Hotel last year to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Shortly after, we scored a great deal from Deal Grocer. That allowed us to enjoy a staycation at Crimson Hotel at a cheaper price!

Boyet and I went with Jeff and Joie around October last year. Hahaha! IKR?! I’m such an efficient blogger. But don’t worry. It doesn’t matter if this post is very late. We all enjoyed our stay at Crimson so this review is just as accurate as to if I wrote this last year.

Joie and I said only one thing when we first stepped into the reception area. WOW! We could not stop admiring its elegance. It’s as if even the smallest detail speaks of grandeur – the fountain, the couches, the chandeliers and even the warm lighting.

The reception area is very huge. The monochromatic colors enhanced the warm and elegant vibe of the place. My pictures may not give justice to how I describe the place. But believe me when I say that I already lost count of how many times we said the word “wow” while we check out every nook and cranny of the reception area.

DSC_0906 This is actually inside the elevator. Sashaaal! :p

DSC_0746 The Kolokoys

DSC_0753 Jeff and Joie

Checking in was a breeze. But our rooms were not yet ready because we arrived around 12 noon, way earlier than the check-in time. We decided to have lunch at Sai-Bachi Japanese Restaurant while waiting for the check-in time.

Because we were still in awe with the superb reception area of Crimson, we got our hopes really high with our rooms. Our rooms are at the 24th floor of the hotel. And as soon as we stepped out of the elevator, our admiration for Crimson just continued!

The colors of the hallways are in unison with the colors of the reception area. Everything is just so warm to the eyes. I love the wall-mounted lamp shades which added a touch of coziness to such an elegant place.

My “wow-ing” didn’t stop when I first set foot in our room. The huge bed was the first thing I noticed. The bed, pillows and blankets are soooo soft. I could actually feel my head bouncing when I rested it to a pillow.

The room is equipped with an air-conditioner and cable TV, both of which are essential to a relaxing staycation.

This is just in front of our gigantic bed. The cable has very good reception. I actually love this area not only because I am a certified couch potato, but also because of the very nice chair and table. This was actually my spot while blogging and Facebook-ing. :p

I love how the hotel architecture fully utilized this corner. This corner houses an electric kettle and some complimentary coffee and tea bags.

Our room is just oozing with fab-ness! Every small detail is well thought of. And each detail fits into a bigger image that Crimson wants their guests to imbibe – an image of whatever the guests want for their stay. I believe that the room itself is flexible enough to address whatever the needs of the guests. It has a romantic vibe for lovers who want to cuddle all day. It’s chic for girl friends who simply want to hang out. It’s quaint and cozy for the entire family to enjoy. And it’s picturesque for engaged couples who want this place to be a venue for their pre-wedding preparations.

Our room has a personal ref, a safety deposit box, hair dryer and flash light. I was actually shocked to see a flat iron and ironing board inside the closet! These are for OC girls like me who don’t like wearing crumpled clothes. Hihi.

DSC_0814 Complimentary Slippers

DSC_0799 The View

Next to the bed, my other favorite part of our room is the bathroom. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you probably know how meticulous I am when it comes to a hotel’s bathroom. The bathroom is well-lighted. And the white tiles added to the refreshing atmosphere of the bathroom. (Did I just use the word REFRESHING to describe a bathroom?! Haha!)


The shower area has both rain head and hand held showers. Basic toiletries were provided. And can I just mention that their towels smell sooooo good?!

Crimson is one of the very few hotels who thought of providing a decent (and not to mention very classy) soap dish.

The bathroom is sparkling! Literally! I didn’t see a single stain in any spot. And oh, the bathroom has a bidet!!! This is something very important because I am the founder and president of Install Bidets in All Hotels Movement! :p

After settling for a few hours, we all checked the pool area. And then we got back to “wow-ing” once again!

The first thing I asked the lifeguard was how deep the pool is. In case you’re curious, the pool is pandak-friendly. :p

The pool is long so I was able to have a good workout by swimming countless of laps. Beside the adult pool is a kiddie pool. We were very lucky because we were the only people using the pool. There were a family of four, but they stayed in the kiddie pool. After almost an hour, it started to rain! But we just kept on swimming until our lips turned into gray because of too much cold. :p

On the other side of the pool is this area. We went back to check it out that night. This place turns into a cool hangout for guests who want to drink and unwind.

We all fell in love with these cocoon chairs! Cuteness overload!!!

Crimson also has fully-equipped gym. The guy manning the gym answered all our questions. Halatang hindi kami laman ng gym. Puro kami, “Kuya, ano po ‘to?!” Hihi!


The gym guy patiently assisted me when I decided to try the stationary bike. I’m such a hypocrite! Haha! If I remember it correctly, the stationary bikes and treadmills have their own TV. No need to bore yourself from working out. :p

But believe it or not, I used the gym the following morning. I needed to burn all the food I inhaled from Crimson’s breakfast buffet!

The breakfast buffet is very extensive. It’s so extensive that I was not able to capture the entire buffet area.

But the more important thing is that the food is great! Who needs an extensive buffet with food that tastes like blah, right?! I vividly remember liking the chicken longganisa, potato wedges and crispy bacon. I usually snub the cold cuts section in buffets. But for some odd reason, I was drawn into this section while we were in Crimson. The cold cuts are really good!

But my favorite has to be the breads! Hot, freshly-baked and great-tasting breads! =)

We all enjoyed our staycation at Crimson Hotel. We all got what we came there for – to fill our tummies with happiness and to relax our minds from the chaotic lives we temporarily left behind in Manila.

Thank you, Crimson Hotel! Please come back to Deal Grocer! :p

Crimson Hotel
Entrata Urban Complex,
2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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