Restaurant Review: Tempura Japanese Grill

I already lost count of the number of times we went to Tempura Japanese Grill. As a matter of fact, you can type Tempura Japanese Grill on the search box of this blog and it will show you numerous posts. When we run out of idea where to eat or if we’re simply craving for some Japanese food, Tempura Japanese Grill has been our default destination.

One Sunday afternoon after hearing mass, my husband and I decided to go back to Tempura Japanese Grill. We were still quite full from breakfast that’s why we stayed away from our usual orders of friend rice and teppanyaki. But because I love love love (insert Kris Aquino tone here) their rice rolls, I couldn't help myself but get one of my favorites – Uncle Sam’s Maki!

Most of the time, we get either the Tori Chizu or Uncle Sam’s Maki. Both are really good. If you haven’t tried any of these, you better do it now.

DSC_0214Uncle Sam’s Maki PHP210

I have always loved the refreshing feel that Uncle Sam’s Maki brings to my taste buds because of the cucumbers and ripe mangoes. The cream cheese filling and bacon-mayo topping definitely added some kick to this dish.

I used to hate sushi mainly because I don’t like eating anything raw. I had this weird misconception that sushi has worms that will end up eating my brain and be my cause of death. Harharhar! But thanks to my younger brother, I finally learned to appreciate sushi. That day, I opted to have some tuna sushi.

DSC_0218Tuna Sushi PHP95

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you probably know that I don’t really like eating fish. I do eat fish, but I don’t get really happy compared to when I eat pork and beef. Hihi. But sushi is definitely an exception. This sushi tastes really fresh. No fishy smell and yucky aftertaste.

My husband, being his usual give-me-my-soup kind of self, wanted to have ramen that day. He got his favorite seafood ramen. Kaya siguro ang tiyaga sa akin ng asawa ko kasi puro sabaw na laman ng utak niya?! :p

The broth is light yet very flavorful. There was also a generous serving of different kinds of seafood. And as always, the vegetables remained their crunch. Who likes eating soggy veggies?

DSC_0212   Seafood Ramen PHP275

While writing this post, I suddenly felt the urge to have a piece of that Uncle Sam’s Maki! I hope the god of maki hears my plea and sends me one. :p

Apologies for the grainy photos. I am starting to get lazy again in bringing my DSLR camera. =))

Tempura Japanese Grill
Level 1 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place

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