Restaurant Review: Crave Burger

Happy New Year! I know I have been neglecting this space of mine, but I will try harder to get my groove back this year. So how about a food entry to start 2014?

My husband and I found ourselves braving the horrible traffic brought by the Christmas rush. I needed to go to White Plains to claim my prizes from The Souq Organics. My not-so-good year ended with me winning something two Wednesdays in a row so I guess it’s not a bad year after all. Anyway, thanks to and The Souq Organics, I didn’t only get a bottle of Argan oil and shower gel, my husband and I also got to try Crave Burger!

It was our first time to go to White Plains although my husband is quite familiar with the place. I had to text my friend Abby to ask where we could eat when we get to White Plains. She suggested a few places but she told us that the closest to The Souq Organics store is Crave Burger.

I was feeling down that day. The best way to cheer me up is always a bite of a big, fat and juicy burger. It never fails! Hihi! I decided to get the Crave Burger Combo 1. The burger comes with fries and a glass of iced tea.

DSC_1247 Crave Burger Combo 1 PHP250

Even before the burger was served to us, we could already smell it while it was being cooked. The aroma of the burger kept on "seducing" us. Medyo torture maghintay! Hihi! Now allow me to share the torture with you as I show you a closer look of my burger. :p


I loved that the beef patty is still very moist but without the bloody mess that I always dread in a burger. The vegetables are crunchy which added some bite to my burger. And I just love the perfectly-melted cheese that goes with it. My husband and I agreed that it may not be the best burger in town, but it is still good in its own right.

My unorthodox husband didn’t get burger, of course. But instead, he decided to have some chicken wings. He always does this. We go to a place that sells burgers, and he gets something else. :p

DSC_1240 2pc Boneless Chicken Wings PHP175

Aside from being boneless, the chicken wings were just so-so. The meat is moist and the skin is really crunchy. But I felt like something was lacking in terms of flavor. The help of the dip was very minimal.

Overall, Crave Burger is good. It stands by its battle cry – Good Burger | Good Place | Good Times!


Crave Burger
79B Bellitudo,
Katipunan Ave., Brgy. WhitePlains,
Quezon City

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