Movie Review: My Little Bossings

I have always made sure to watch at least one MMFF movie every year. More often than not, I end up watching a comedy film. When I learned that Ryzza Mae Dizon would be having a movie with Bimby, I promised myself that it would be the first MMFF entry on my list. The night before we were scheduled to watch it, I read a review saying how horrible it was. Despite that, I had no other choice as my mom was dragging me to watch it with her. I had to say YES because the last time my mom asked me to accompany her to see a movie was to see Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera’s first movie. Wala naman akong kwentang anak kapag tumanggi ako! :)) But other than that, I grew up watching Vic Sotto and I am such a big fan of Ryzza Mae. So call me jologs, call me whatever you want. :p

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I think people need to realize that not all movies are and should be on the same calibers. There are films that bag awards. And there are movies which top box-office sales. If a movie is fortunate enough, it can get the best of both. That’s why I don’t get it when people say disgusting things only because someone said that a Tagalog comedy movie is a good one. Taste is subjective, and so is humor. If you are paying for a critically-acclaimed movie, then you’ll be disappointed with My Little Bossings. But if you want to spend on a feel good movie, then this one is for you.

This movie is definitely flawed. I didn’t like that it looked like a 2-hour commercial break. The movie kept on inserting advertisements of various products – Ariel, El Real, Solmux to name a few. I also could not understand the need to add those two teenagers in the movie. Sobrang off, nearing to nakakairita.

But as expected from a comedy movie, I could not stop laughing all throughout the film! Vic Sotto is Vic Sotto. Even if his jokes are older than him, he can still deliver them in a way that no other comedian can. Ryzza Mae Dizon is such a doll! Her acting skills have dramatically improved from her last MMFF movie. She’s effortless in making people laugh (and cry). Hindi naman halatang super duper fan ako ni Ryzza?! Bimby, for a newcomer, also did well. He still needs to work on a lot of things, but he is definitely mesmerizing to look at the big screen. Jose and Paolo are undoubtedly funny! Jaclyn Jose cracked me up countless of times as she portrays the mandurugas at fashionistang kontrabida. Aiza did well both in comedy and drama. She was able to affect me in those heartwarming scenes.

My Little Bossings is a nice movie for the entire family. It is very funny yet heartwarming. Among all the MMFF movies of Vic Sotto, I have to say that this has the most depth. It’s nice that aside from the comedic side of the movie, it speaks about family and forgiveness. Pamaskong Pelikulang Pampamilya! Again, some movies are not meant to bag awards. Some movies are made to remind us to loosen up and laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

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