This is no longer a FOOD BLOG!

It is now a useless site with a very lazy owner!


Apologies for the lack of new post. Things are getting crazier every day. I am so busy with work, so busy that working on an 8-hour shift is no longer enough. I have to extend my working hours when I get home and even on weekends. I try to blog when I am done with work, TRY being the keyword. But after 10+ hours of work, tuyot na tuyot na ang utak ko! I don’t want to post something just for the sake of having a new post. Magre-reflect sa post ko na walang katas ang utak ko! :p

My brain is getting drained every second! There are times when I wish I had an “easier” job, something that does not require stretching my brain cells. But I will later on come into my senses and appreciate the fact that I am lucky enough to be educated and smart enough to be entrusted with the job that I currently have.

Maliban sa natutuyo ko ng utak, may isa pa akong problema e…


Our travel time from BGC to our house is usually less than an hour. But since Monday, 2 hours na siya!!! It’s like everywhere we go, all roads are congested. ‘Yung pag-uwi ko ng bahay, diretso ako sa restroom kasi puputok na ‘yung pantog ko dahil ihing-ihi ako sa haba ng biyahe! Can you imagine how many hours working people are wasting because of the horrible traffic? ‘Yung oras na dapat nilalandi mo na lang asawa mo, nilalaro mo mga anak mo, pinapanood mo ang latest updates sa Joaquin-Chichay love story, nasasayang sa bwisit na traffic! But then again, the happiest of people always find a way to be happy even in the shittiest situation. I happened to be one, and also happily married to an equally happy and optimistic person. Nyaha! Anyway, as we were on our way home last night, we got stuck in heavy traffic. We were going in circles around BGC for more than 30 minutes! Sabi nga ni Boyet, “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo… ma-traffic!” As in sagad hanggang varicose veins ang inis naming dalawa dahil sa sobrang traffic! So instead of being miserable and hungry while stuck in traffic, we parked our car and had an impromptu date!

datePagpasensyahan ang Jurassic kong camera phone :p

I don’t know how long this blogging hiatus would last, but I will try to catch up on my backlogs this weekend. Again, TRY is the operative word. I want to catch up with you, my dear readers as much as I want to catch up with sleep! Nyahaha! I hope you will all still be around when I get the groove back. =)

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