Happy Birthday, Mr. Kolokoy!

This same day thirty years ago, the luckiest baby was born. Little did he know that he is going to marry the kindest and prettiest girl on Earth. His parents named him Efren Andrade Jr. And I am his wife. Charot!!!
148658_497912046487_717521487_7683308_2903904_nLittle Boyet/Ex-Combantrin endorser

I was planning to write a Top 10 post for his birthday. I was trying to come up with a top ten list of why I love him. But there are a thousand reasons I could think of. Ayiii! Birthday niya e, so hindi ko pwedeng siraan! :p

No amount of flowery words can express how lucky I am for having Boyet in my life. Alam ko na hindi siya masyadong gwapo, pero keri na rin. Actually, PPP nga siya e.

boyet  P-atanda ng

boyet P-atanda

Efren Jerellt Wedding-0344P-umopogi


But seriously, I will be eternally grateful for this day. 30 years ago, God gave me the most beautiful present – a loving husband.

I never believed in Santa Claus and fairy tales. Though I am a witness of how my parents valued their marriage, I still had doubts whether I would be deserving to a lifetime of happiness. FOREVER used to be just my dream, but someone turned it into a reality. I never imagined that a single person can bring so much bliss into my life.

To all the single girls out there who are cynical that the world is running out of kind-hearted, smart, loving and faithful men, just look at my husband. Sinadya kong hindi isama ang POGI kasi ayun totoong konti na lang sila. Hahaha!

DSC_1278Who can resist this kind of hotness?! :p

To the man who made me believe that growing old with another person can be one helluva good ride, Happy Birthday! I love you to the moon and back. Multiply that distance to 1 million, then raise it to the 10th power! 

Happy Birthday, Baby! ^_^

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  1. "Forever used to be my dream, but someone turned it into reality"-- super love that line, je! Winner!

    Belated Happy Bday to the certified Kolokoy! Pakisabi sknya miss na sya nung mga taga-PLM! LOL! Peace, Fafa B! :p

    PS: I miss reading your blog, Je! :)


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