Restaurant Review: Saboten at Serendra

On one of our Thursday date nights, Boyet and I decided to come back to Serendra to try Saboten. We were supposed to try it a week before. But since they don't serve ramen or anything hot for my flu, we went to Mamou instead. Because I have been hearing a lot of raves for katsu houses, I convinced Boyet to try Saboten since we haven’t had the chance to try Yabu yet. In short, nakiuso lang kami! :p

Saboten is very inviting. The bright sign outside complements the minimalist interior. Aside from that, their staff members are very warm and welcoming. They give genuine smiles and occasional giggles.

DSC_0429 Unlimited Cabbage

Since I still haven’t tried Yabu, I don’t have a point of comparison. Some say that they favor Yabu over Saboten. Some say it’s the other way around. I have read a lot of blog posts saying that Yabu’s cabbage is shredded more finely making it a popular favorite. But Boyet and I loved Saboten’s version. We could not stop munching it while endlessly saying, “Grabe ang sarap,” and “Dito pa lang busog na ako!”


You can choose between the sesame sauce and citrus sauce for your cabbage. I love the citrus sauce, but my taste buds went gaga over the sesame sauce! It’s creamy and has the right amount of sweetness. I drenched my cabbage with a lot of sesame sauce until they drowned! Nyaha!

Aside from the cabbage, they also serve unlimited pickles. I was initially hesitant to try it out. But as soon as I had my first bite, I could not stop eating it. Its sweet-salty combination pumped up my appetite for the night.

The waitress instructed us to crush the black and white sesame seeds and pour in the tonkatsu sauce. Because I’m a spoiled wife, I asked my husband to do the hard work for me. Harharhar!!!

My husband and I could not decide what to get from their menu. We wanted to try this and that, or maybe this and that. We probably flipped all the pages of their menu four times but to no avail. Boyet said that he wanted to have “a little bit of everything” so he suggested we try the Special Sharing Set.

DSC_0443 Special Sharing Set PHP995

The set meal consists of 2 deep-fried shrimps, 1 loin cutlet, 2 crab cream croquettes, 2 rolled cutlets, rice and miso soup. You have the choice to have cheese, plum or asparagus for the rolled cutlets, but we opted to have cheese. Cheese, as always!

The crab croquette tastes good, but it was my least favorite. The loin cutlets were very tender. It tastes even better when dipped with the tonkatsu sauce which we initially prepared. Some restaurants serve 80% breading + 20% shrimp, but it’s definitely not the case in Saboten. The shrimps were really huge! Everything on our plate was delectable. But we unanimously chose the rolled cutlets as the star of the night! Had I met it years ago, it would have been my i-just-broke-up-with-my-a**hole-boyfriend-i-will-cry-endlessly-for-two-straight-weeks comfort food.

Our Saboten experience was really nice. We were initially waiting to get tired of the “deep-fried, oily flavors”, but we didn’t. Our Saboten experience made me more curious with Yabu! I think I have to try it to know the difference. Nevertheless, Saboten is a good place for a katsu fix.

Ground Level Serendra
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City


  1. I really want to try Saboten! ang layo lang talaga. Fave ko kasi Yabu. Cabbage palang busog ka! plus I love Yabu's UNLI brown rice!! sulit kasi pag kumakain kami don complete meal na talaga :)

  2. I tried Yabu na! Nag enjoy ako ng sobra. Oo nga pala..di ko pa nablog yun!! I wanna try Saboten next kaso sa Yabu na food coma ako. Hahaha.. super busog!

  3. I've tried Yabu already, but Saboten not yet. Super lambot ng meat ng chicken katsu nila, yun ang di ko makalimutan. At addicting ang cabbage salad nila dahil sa sesame dressing. Pero mukhang pareho namang masarap ang food nila ng Saboten. :)


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